Hi! I’m Lizzie Rae Rose. I work with the Faerie Queens, Flower Angels, and Ascended Masters to help you flourish as the queen of your life.

There are four ways to work together:

  • Awake Woman Meditation Circle: Free Channeled Meditations! (Learn More)
  • Flower Angel Attunements: custom blended flower angel elixirs and written readings (See below)
  • Channeled Sessions or Mentorship: 1-1 healing sessions or mentorships with Lizzie (See below)

About the work

I specialize in using the energies of nature to facilitate healing sessions in the following areas:

  • Motherhood
  • Healing Your Womb and Second Chakra
  • Career Changes, Advancement, and Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Awakening your Spiritual Gifts

Every healer has different strengths, and I see my skills in three major areas:

  • Providing direct guidance from your spirit team
  • Crafting powerful vibrational remedies that facilitate rapid, permanent change
  • Creating and holding safe, loving space for transformation

Let your heart guide you to the right offering for this time. Or, if you need help choosing, feel free to send me an email and we’ll find the best way to work together!

Flower Angel Attunement

Flower Angels are the angels of nature, working with every person to promote wellness. This offering provides a reading from the flower angels, and a powerful elixir to support your awakening.

You’ll receive a written, living transmission via email, and a bottled elixir in the physical mail. When taken on a regular basis, each elixir lasts about 3-4 weeks. 

The 3-4 page transmissions contain:

  • Loving messages and healing empowerments from the flower angels
  • Information about which chakras are affecting your current situation
  • Clear guidance for rituals and practices to support your awakening

How it works:

  • Purchase your reading
  • Fill out the short questionnaire
  • Your reading is delivered via email within five business days of purchase*
  • The flower elixir will be put in the mail within five business days of purchase*
  • Enjoy the healing gifts of nature!


Channeled Sessions

This session provides the clarity you need to flourish as the queen of your life. 

  • Receive clear guidance from your higher self and spirit team
  • Meet your spirit guides, including ascended masters, loved ones, faerie queens, faerie godmother, elemental beings, flower angels, and animal friends
  • Learn how to work with your spirit team for continued healing and growth
  • Clear relevant past life issues or energy blocks
  • Receive activations, blessings, and initiations from your spirit mentors

You’ll also receive a customized flower angel elixir for facilitating the changes you wish to seek ($133 value). These elixirs contain flower essences, prayer essences, water essences, and gem essences, and are powerful agents for change. For more information about flower angel elixirs, head here. 

I'm currently booking six-eight weeks out.

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Mentorships are also available. Please contact me for more information. 

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