I feel so blessed to work with incredible women! Here's some kind words I've received over the years. 

Also, many of these women are incredible healers and artists. Please visit their websites and check out their work!



Lizzie is the real-deal. She is unquestionably one of the most gifted and magical women and practitioners I have ever been blessed to know and work with. I have never met a healer who is so innately tapped in, deeply wise, yet also manages to be consistently and infectiously joyful, playful, exploding with faith and authentically REAL. The depth of her heart and her knowledge equally astound me. Her multi-dimensional unique gifts and offerings deeply extend far beyond the realms of the seeing eye and immediately activate in her clients their own capacities to be powerful healers, conscious soul-based leaders, fiercely strong women and magical beings. Lizzie’s intuition is unbelievable and continues to blow me away and inspire me to better unlock my own. 

Lizzie’s work effortlessly and immediately guides her clients directly into the core of their highest transformation, teaching them to unveil their own capacity to create miracles and subsequently live out the freedom of their personal sovereign truths. In the time since we have been working together, I have encountered POTENT healing around releasing past-lives, transmuting trauma, reclaiming my magical child, activating my priestess, deeply dropping me into my power, restoring the vitality of my heart and womb, and unlocking the path of my soul and my own spiritual entrepreneurship as an awake woman on the path. I consider Lizzie to be a cutting-edge and crucial figure in the movement of awakening Divine Feminine leadership. I wouldn’t be where I am without her. There is not a single woman I know who would not benefit tremendously from the sacred gift of her services and guidance!   

Christina Korpik, Wild Embodied Woman

Lizzie is incredibly intuitive and shares her wisdom in a warm yet direct way.

I recently found myself at a critical crossroad with my business and artistic path. Lizzie's guidance helped me to become crystal clear on which direction to move in, and ultimately would get me closer to my dream of being a performing musician.
Her words resonated with me on a soul level, and before our time together was finished, I had made some very deep shifts and direct decisions which sent me on my path toward my higher calling. Lizzie has a wonderful balance of warmth, generosity, optimism, encouragement, and real deal honesty that requires and creates action and change!

Ciara McAllister, McAllister Music Studio

The crystalline pure intentions of Awake Woman are something to marvel at. This woman is incredibly pure in her intentions to activate, and awaken the hearts & minds of aligned women, and oracular activists. I am deeply humbled, and excited about my connection to the Faerie Queens, even more so to say that I feel like I am developing a friendship with this gorgeous Soulful woman!

My heart is full, and I have been allowed to fully express my divinity in form with her society these past three months. My cellular remembrance had been one that I was experiencing mostly within myself, and shared among the few. Now, I am compelled to share more of my full sacred heart with a larger community of like minded beauties that are appearing in my life as I have begun to call in my tribe. Thank You from the Deepest Part of my Being. In deep gratitude, service, and balance. 

Brandie Kohlbrandiekohl.net

I honestly didn't know what to expect when joining the Diana Society. I had no experience with flower essences and a beginners mind of divine feminine power. What I found was an uplifting and safe community of awesome women. And Lizzie's essences are truly magical and have helped me heal and start to really come into my own power and my gifts. 

Suzy BiddiscombeHello Suzy

Lizzie is a life-changing mentor. She stands shoulder to shoulder with women bringing their visions into reality. I moved forward in ways I could never have foreseen thanks to her insight, generosity, and deep connection to spirit. Thank you, Lizzie!

Rachel Payne

My Priestess Activation with Lizzie amplified my solstice ritual & experience. It got me up to exactly the frequency I needed and wanted to be at. I highly recommend it. Lizzie takes you straight up to your highest self and opens your eyes instantaneously. It put my entire year into motion in just the right way.

Emily Tepper, EmilyTepper.com

I loved my work with Lizzie.  She helped me grow past old truths of guilt, fear, of playing small, of being careful with who sees my light.  Her warmth, excitement, and deep love made emerging from my chrysalis so effortless. She helped usher in my strength which made my business explode so beautifully, very quickly. Her understanding and expertise in the arena of flower essence so beautifully unfolded my soul, supporting me in every way that I needed. I highly recommend her to the intuitive woman who wants to expand on  her gifts and claim her rightful place in the stream of things.

Maria Palumbo Youglowgirl.net

Lizzie is magic personified. With this electric sweetness that permeates her entire being, she somehow reaches out through the ethers, connects her heart to yours and enchants you back to life. In working together, it suddenly dawned on me that in my racing about to help others connect to their magic, I had forgotten that I am magic, too. The information Lizzie relayed reignited the light in me that I had unknowingly almost extinguished. She has this beautiful ability to transmit her sweetness directly into your heart. I felt loved, held, heard and seen - such a magical experience. 

Danielle Bertoia, daniellebertoia.com

When Lizzie and I started working together I didn’t fully understand what flower essences were and how they worked. I knew about stress relief from Dr. Bach, and I have had success with that line, but I didn’t know why or what was really going on there... So I went into our first call not fully knowing or understanding how she was going to offer relief for my ailments. But as we started talking things unfolded so naturally. I quickly eased into knowing Lizzie was being guided by her intuition and offering healing from her wise old soul. She has a gifted relationship with the plants and higher guides that I trusted. I could relax, I felt completely taken care of in the flow of our first call. She is the most natural healer I’ve ever encountered. And I could not wait to see how the next three months would unfold.

After each session she sent practices and rituals to assist the flower essences that were on the way to my home. The first bottle she sent assisted with temporary overwhelm, for coming back into the body, sealing the energy field weakened from times of stress or transition and of course, supporting the feminine. Plus a bottle of blackberry essence for focusing, procrastination, and getting shit done. Both supported me beautifully.

The second session we went deeper. When we got to the bottom of things, and it was all about boundaries. The first call I was very intentional about stating I wanted to get back to work. I missed my sharpness and my ability to focus. I want to be the Queen and the Mother. But for weeks, that was all I was doing. Mothering, and then working, and then mothering and then jumping right back into working. Quite literally, all day and all night. I barely took time to shower, let alone make time for play or leaving the house. I remember Lizzie asking in our Skype session, “What kind of boundaries do you set for yourself?” and I replied with a long blank stare at the screen. She found what she needed in the next batch of flower essences.

Once again, Lizzie delivered. She sent me Motherwort - for speaking your truth; for establishing healthy boundaries and Sunray Lily - for healing caretaking at the expense of my own well-being among others for feminine sweetness and feeling divinely connected, among other plant allies. After a few days. I was getting organized. I was thoughtful and careful with my time. I didn’t let days begin and end in a blur of sacrificing myself to my daughter. I was intentional and mindful. I took back control of my time.
Now we are heading into our third month together and I’m feeling connected, I’m healing from the intensity of postpartum, I am comfortably setting intentional boundaries, but the doubt was still bubbling up... am I worth it?

Our final call was all about self worth. The second chakra. The core of what so many other women are struggling with. Is this enough? Am I enough? Leaning into intuition and healing the second chakra wound is a task among almost every woman I know. This call was the one that stuck with me. Each conversation had been sprinkled with magic and tears from feeling the purity of love that Lizzie blasted my way, but this time Lizzie was delivering my battle cry and declaring my own feminine awakening. She knew I could take the push into a new level of bravery and creativity. It was an incredibly personal conversation, and as most things that touch you on a deep personal level are very hard to put words to because it was intangible, and it was very special to me.
A purposeful prescription of self worth was on it’s way… Bellflower, Larch, Missouri Primrose among others that have boosted my confidence. After a few days of taking her latest blend, I could feel my self worth waking up, stretching it’s legs and ready to take me for a walk.

She also sent me a bottle of Red Rose from her garden (that I absolutely treasure) along with a beautiful note on what the Rose communicated to her...

"Boundaries are necessary for the healthy development of the heart, but sometimes we place barbed wire around areas that don’t need to be protected. There are places within all of our hearts where we close ourselves off to experiencing the wholeness of reality. Often times this relates to our sexuality. Often times this relates to the divine feminine. We fear these parts, sometimes identifying them with the shadows, when in reality they are who we are in the deepest cores of our being.
We are sexual, creative creatures. We are meant to love one another. Without an open heart - womb connection, we sever ourselves off from our life force.
I help to build and strengthen the connection between your heart and your reproductive organs, working along the conception vessel, integrating each part.
And I also break down ego and personality patterns preventing you from expressing your divine feminine and divine masculine union. My medicine releases the barriers preventing you from expressing the wholeness of your divinity, integrating the lower and the upper chakras, and providing a sense of freedom.
In essence, my medicine allows you to feel, “I am free.”

Flower essences will now forever be part of my regime. My eyes and heart are now open to a new world of medicine to tap into... book Lizzie so she can help get you started too.

Katie Burke (from this blog post), KatieBurke.co

My session was Liz was nothing less than amazing. First and foremost, Liz radiates this joyful, peaceful, loving presence that makes you feel comfortable with her right away.  The beautiful garden setting that you pass through before entering the treatment room sets the tone for relaxation and shows how in touch she is with mother nature (which definitely shows up in her work.)  As someone who has never officially had a Reiki treatment before, I didn't know exactly what to expect.  What I experienced was eye-opening and magical.  I felt more in touch with my authentic self than I have in a long time.  It was an emotional experience for me, but I also felt very relaxed and rejuvenated. Liz sat with me after the treatment for quite some time and asked questions about how I was feeling and offered her insights into those emotions (which I might add were spot on!) She also offered many suggestions on how to continue working on these things at home.  I will most definitely be going back to see her in the future!

Heather S., San Francisco

I feel so lucky to have found Liz! She is a true gem and a genuine healer. My treatment with her was incredibly uplifting and I left feeling reset and more comfortable and confident in my body and mind. the session itself felt very fluid and individualized---she really listens and tunes in--I've been feeling a lot of stagnation lately and she could immediately tune in on the clearing out I needed with warmth and care. Her studio is comfortable and inviting, and it was easy to feel open in her space (especially on her amazing amethyst biomat!). at the end of our session, she provided guidance so the work would continue even after I left. I highly recommend Liz Swartz @ Awake Woman for anyone looking feel uplifted, gain clarity, and reconnect with their intuitive nature. I will be working with Liz @ Awake Woman again!

Marisa B., San Francisco

The thing about Liz Swartz is that she is pure magic. The moment you are in her presence you feel it. She is full of light and strength equally. She asked me, "What would you like to manifest in your life today?" Now if that's not a great way to start a session, I don't know what is.
Allowing someone to alter your energetic field is extremely personal. Trust is of utmost importance. You want to be free to let out whatever needs to be dealt with. I know that when I'm in Liz's hands, I'm safe to do this. She has helped me cut the cords and transform intensely deep aspects of myself. Even through the heavy, the journey is beautiful. Liz shines her light so mine will shine brighter, too. 
Thank you, Liz!

Heather Pierce, heathervox.com

It has been an amazing journey to work with you.  I am so grateful for your work, your light, and love!! Your guidance has taken me to places I never thought I could go or even existed.

Amanda Boldreghini, Amanda Boldreghini Aromatherapist

The moment I met Lizzie, I immediately felt her light, joy and kindness. Her medicine is magic and her presence enchanting. 
She is highly intuitive and the essences I received from her were such a perfect fit. 
We all need a little more Lizzie in our lives. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Iris, Nabalo.com

you truly need to meet, and work with, this woman to appreciate her. she is possibly one of the most genuinely positive and caring people i've ever met in my life. right when i met her she was all smiles, warm and welcoming. she invited me in and we chatted about what has been going on, what changes i am wanting and (this is the key) - what it would FEEL like to have these things. often people forget that a big part of the manifestation process is to already picture yourself having your goal and what it would FEEL like. 

okay, so we do the session. i'm laying down. her Reiki hands are so warm and i could feel when she was at different areas of my body - it's always such an amazing feeling when you experience that. she walks me through some visualization situations (she probably tailors it to the person so i won't go into specifics). i also get some of my own visions, and saw and felt many things while on the table. 

after the session we chatted about what things she saw while doing the work. different experiences she felt and what she was being shown. the interesting thing is - a couple different things she saw or felt i did too. it actually made me kinda laugh. i told her - so, i saw "this" too and we both got so excited we were having the same experience. it was a really awesome. 

i've had Reiki done before, and other healings. but honestly, this may be one of the best experiences i've ever had. not only was she GREAT, but you could tell she desperately WANTED to help. she told me some of her story once we were first talking and i could see how this inspired her to be driven to really want to help others. her compassion is really strong and you can tell she is truly meant to do this with her life. 

another quick note - i am a guy, so she does work with guys, if this was a concern for anyone.

Michael M., Oakland

Liz has a real gift with energy work.  Her garden sets the stage for the beautiful work she did for me, and can do for you.  Her studio peers out into a lush garden (especially for San Francisco standards) and you can feel her connection to nature and the spirits she harnesses to do the powerful work she does.  

I had a tough year with a number of professional and personal stressors.  She immediately could feel the clearing out I needed and set me at ease with kindness and compassion.  

My sessions with her are moving and uplifting. I can't recommend her more.

Rachel S., San Francisco