Book Club: Warrior Goddess Training

This past week I read Warrior Goddess Training by Heatherash Amara. What a great book! Ms. Amara has woven together a rich web of practices for spiritual growth, ranging from journaling exercises to meditations. 

The heart of her book derives from her understanding of Toltec spirituality from the tradition of don Miguel Ruiz. She organizes the book into nine sections, and focuses on aspects of the Warrior Goddess Path she’s developed. She also provides insight and exercises for each aspects of this path.

While many of the exercises were familiar to me, such as loving-kindness meditation and conversation mirroring, I found Ms. Amara’s language and style to be refreshing, and a new way to look at classic self-inquiry material. 

I had a few favorite insights in the chapters on communication and inner wisdom. In the communication chapter, she reminded me how when we fail to speak our truth, we create disharmonies in our energy field, which leads to stress and stagnation. She writes: 

The fastest way to create discomfort and resentment in your life is to say yes when you mean no…Being your true, authentic, Warrior Goddess self means you can say no from a place of love rather than a place of fear.

Related to inner wisdom, the most important section for me was embracing the feminine archetype of the crone, and honoring the wisdom of grandmothers and wise women. She speaks about how our society worships the maiden, but casts aside the mother and crone archetypes. 

I invite all women to step up and make friends with the power of the crone. This means going beyond our fear of our power, but letting go of trying to be nonthreatening little girls or enticing sexpots, and releasing the habit of putting everyone else firsts without including our needs. It’s time we claim our innate crone wisdom. When we fearlessly step toward the crone energy, we access our Toltec “silent knowledge.” Silent knowledge includes but transcends our intuition…When we are connect with silent knowledge, we erase the boundary between these two worlds of spirit and matter, known and unknown. We step beyond duality, beyond right and wrong, beyond rules and into absolute connection with all that is.

I know I'm going to spend more time nurturing the energy of the crone in my own life and cycles, particularly as we are in winter. During your menstrual cycle, the crone energies are the most powerful when you are bleeding. I’m going to take more time to be silent, to listen, and to let others speak instead of trying to interject my opinion. The energy of the crone is so powerful, and can be called on when we need to access that inner knowing and silent knowledge. The crone also helps us when we need to let go of old patterning, and she also helps us recover what we’ve already learned in past lives. For most of us, this isn’t our first time here, and through silence, we can recover the inner wisdom we’ve gathered through our past lives and experiences.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this book. I do wish it were organized in a clearer way, as there weren’t too many logical links from one step on the path to the other. That said, I know I’ll be referencing various exercises in this book throughout my path, and the information is fresh, inspiring, and comprehensive. The more time I spent with the exercises, the more I realized the importance of her work. 

4/5 stars. Recommended...but make sure to do some of the exercises!

Now for next week! I've recently given away my copy of The Artist's Way to a deserving client, so we'll be moving to Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis, and from there we'll be reading Untie The Strong Woman and Opening to Channel. I hope you'll join me!