Part 2: The Root of Fear

Yesterday, I shared my thoughts about Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic and how fear impacts the lives of women. 

I work a lot with creative women, and I’ve noticed that when they feel blocked, fear is a major underlying theme. Strangely enough, nine times out of ten, the fear isn’t directly related to the launch/new project/idea. It exists because of something that has happened before. Chances are this “thing” is totally unrelated, even though the energetic imprint is quite similar.

Let me explain. 

The Nature of Fear Imprints

First of all, what is an energetic imprint?

An energetic imprint is vibrational residue of an event, whether positive or negative. These imprints are stored in the human energy field. When we store energetic imprints of trauma in our field, we tend to attract more trauma. The same is true for fear: when we carry fear in our energy fields, we tend to attract more fear. (As a side note, this is a beautiful discussion on the energy healing modality I use, and how you can program your energy field to attract more of your soul's desires.

Ok, back to fear. Most women dealing with fear have energetic imprints that don’t make logical sense. For example, a woman might come to me because she is terrified any time she enters into a new romantic relationship, and so she never experiences the intimacy she desires. 

Upon deeper inquiry, we get to the root of her fear: the fear of failure.

Years earlier, she started a passion-based business project that failed. Years before that, she started a degree program and never finished it. Years before that, her parents devoted all their attention to her older sister, and she had to over-achieve in order for them to acknowledge her accomplishments. 

Even deeper, her father wanted a boy instead of a girl.
On the surface these seem like wildly disparate events, but the energetic imprint of failure does not recognize the difference. It remains in the energy field. 

The energetic imprints of fear and failure keep her stuck in the status quo, and continue to attract more situations of fear and failure. And so, she continues to fear going on dates, risking failure.

Thankfully, energy work, meditation, and flower essences are efficient ways to clear these imprints. Much more efficient than time. But the first step is to really understand what is going on. 

When you acknowledge your story, it no longer has power over you.

Journaling Exercise: Naming Your Fears

If you are feeling fear come up in your life right now, particularly the fear of failure, I recommend the following process.

Set a timer for 2 minutes. 
In your journal, answer the question “Have I ever failed?” 
Let yourself write for the full two minutes. Allow your intuitive voice to emerge. Pay attention to the story that emerges. 

When you feel complete, go even deeper. Set the timer for 2 minutes again. 
Ask  yourself, “Was there a time before that when I failed?”
And continue to write. 
When you feel complete, go another layer deeper. Set the timer for another 2 minutes. 
“Before that, was there a time when I failed?”
And continue to write until you feel as though you’ve reached the bedrock of your fear. 

Often after repeated questioning, you can identify the initial energetic imprint of failure within your current life continuing to generate fear today. 

Once you’ve identified this imprint, the healing process begins instantaneously. The following meditation can also help. 

Fear Imprint Clearing Meditation

In a meditative state, call upon your spirit guides to surround you and protect you, and that the energies from the meditation be used for the highest good and the highest healing. If you wish, you can call upon St. Germain, Archangel Michael, or Ganesha to help.

From the previous exercise, identify the energetic imprint you’d like to clear. 

Imagine the event as a symbol. You can choose any symbol that feels appropriate for the situation. Surround the symbol in violet light until you feel the energy no longer has a hold on you. 

When the energy is clear, you should feel a change in your breathing pattern. 

If you wish, you can ask your guides to clear this energetic imprint from past lives as well. You might see pictures from these lives. Even if it feels like pretend, know the energetics are real.

Send violet light to these past lives as well, until again, your breathing pattern shifts.  

If you wish, you can surround your entire field in the violet light.

When you feel whole and complete, thank your guides for help, and you can exit from meditation. 

Moving forward

Tomorrow, I’ll share more guidance on strengthening the root chakra, the place where fear lives. I’ll also share my favorite flower essences for managing fear. Combined with meditation and brave inquiry, these practices can truly transform your life.

And if you try these exercises, let me know how they went. What insight did you gain? How will this impact your creative life?

I look forward to hearing from you!