How Solo Travel Builds Your Intuition

A few weeks ago, I remember sitting on the red rocks in Sedona, soaking up the vortex energy. I felt utterly free and wild. I had no plans, no meetings later in the day, and could listen to my intuition in the moment. As you might imagine, I sat on those rocks for quite awhile. 

I try to travel alone at least once a year, to reconnect to my soul and practice following my intuition. Solo travel is one of the most important things we can do for our intuitive development. You know nobody, so you have to look within. You have few plans, so you can really feel where you are going in the moment.  

Here are some ideas and guidelines you can follow for planning and having healthy, happy solo travels.

Before you go...

Establish an intention

What are you looking for? Are you looking to learn a new skill? Create space for reflection? Connect to your intuition? You can also determine a desired feeling for your trip, like peace or freedom, and develop your itinerary from there.

If you want to feel peace, you could go on a short trip to a local lake or river. If you want to feel freedom, you might enjoy a place with no wifi. There's no need to go far, but that can be fun too. 

If you are looking to learn a new skill, you might look into Integrated Energy Therapy training classes or herbalism workshops. If you are looking for reflection, you might try a writing retreat, meditation retreat, or yoga retreat. If you are looking to connect to your intuition, you might travel to a place where you've never been, or spend some time in nature. Let your heart be your guide!

Create a structure

Spirit needs structure. If you are going to a workshop or course, the location and rhythm of your days will be set for you. But if your days will be unplanned, establish a rough sketch for your travels, including where you will be staying, for how long, and how frequently you plan to communicate with friends and loved ones. I always create a rough itinerary, and share it with my husband so he knows where I am and what I'm up to. A loose structure actually allows for more freedom by establishing a sense of safety.

During your travels...

Following your intuition

When I travel alone, I have a simple goal. To follow my intuition in every moment. When I went to Sedona, for example, my intention was to connect more deeply with my soul, and listen to her desires in every moment. I thought this might look like meditating in the red rocks for hours, but when I'd meet people and feel my heart pulling me to hang out with them, I went to a beautiful singer-songwriter concert at an amazing chocolate shop and made new friends. Feeling my soul in community was so much more important than meditating alone. Because I followed my intuition, I had a great time! So, even though you might have an intention, be open to shifting and feeling out your intuition in every moment. 

For people who like to plan, try to avoid scheduling anything. If you are going to a workshop, try to avoid scheduling anything during your down time and breaks. These are the perfect opportunities to sit and really listen to what you want to do. Then, do it. You might be surprised by where you go, what you eat, what you read, and what you experience.

Embracing Stillness

No matter what your intention, reflective practices will deepen your experience. Meditation, journaling, reading, and photography are great. You might also minimize distractions by temporarily removing social media apps from your phone, or keeping your phone turned off. 

Celebrating movement

Hiking in nature, going to a yoga class, taking a walk, dancing alone naked in your hotel room, or engaging in any form of movement is super helpful for moving energy and helping you connect more deeply with your body. 

Practice Play

Play is the fastest way to the soul. How can you play? How can you celebrate? How can you bring a sense of joy to your excursion?

Nourish yourself

Ask your body what she needs to eat. What she needs to read. What she needs to hear. What she needs to experience. Catch up on sleep, and take your herbs and flower essences. Find what you need to really nourish yourself, and sink into the experience.

Engage in ritual

There are so many ways you can engage in ritual. Whether you leave cornmeal for mother earth, write down all the aspects of your life you'd like to release and burn them in a fire, or take a nourishing bath with candles and essential oils, there are so many ways to engage in ritual. Alone travel is the perfect time for intuitively building rituals for yourself and your experiences. 

When you return...

Return slowly

As much as you can, try to let yourself reintegrate slowly. Plan fewer meetings the day you return, or even set aside a few breaks for yourself. You'll feel a little different, and you might have a keener sense of observation for what is working and what is not working in your life. This is as important as the travel itself.

Reflect on your experience

What worked? What didn't? Create space for yourself to integrate your experience by journaling or even catching up with a friend. I always return from alone time refreshed and renewed, with new insights and knowledge. Writing and recording these experiences is always helpful for me. 

So, there we go. Some basic principles for planning, having, and integrating a successful solo trip. 

Are you planning on going anywhere sometime soon? I'd love to hear from you in the comments. Have you ever traveled alone? I'd love to hear about your experiences.