Is reiki enough?

About a year ago, I did a meditation where I asked my future self for advice. 

She told me to start doing the yoga program I had been meaning to try for a few years. 

And to get training in reiki. 

I started the yoga program, and I realized it was totally the wrong type of yoga for me. (Hello? Lizzie, do you know yourself? You don’t get up at 6am and go sweat for an hour and a half. You get up around 8am, stare at the ceiling for awhile talking to your guides and angels, and then get out of bed. And that is the best part of your day). 

So I gave up on doing yoga.

I did get training in reiki, and that was the beginning of my “official” energy work. It gave me confidence as a healer, and a specific skill set I could use to help others. I went on to get my second level training a month later, and about six months later, trained for my reiki master certification. It was a gentle introduction to energy healing, and perfect for me at the time.

When I first started, I loved reiki. I thought it was beautiful. I wanted to put my hands on everybody. (Ok, that sounds wrong). But seriously, I was super excited about the electric energy coming through my hands. 

I started using it on clients, and saw pretty good results. But the truth is, if I hadn’t received advice from my future self to try it out, I probably wouldn’t have. 

Because up until that point, I saw reiki as a diluted form of energy work. A beautiful form with some great uses, but largely as a crutch for lightworkers to rally around, instead of accessing whatever energy ray came through their own center of being. 

A few months later, I feel the same way. 

Reiki is beautiful. And there are many amazing individuals trying to “upgrade” the reiki energy with updated symbols, like one of my amazing teachers.

But reiki is not the only way. 

As lightworkers, we need to STEP UP and let our own light flow through us. 

For creative people, to be given a set of tools is largely disappointing. We want to figure it out on our own. We want to create something new. We want to express our own soul, not the soul of somebody else. 

And the energetic demands of our time are constantly changing.

The energy healing of twenty years ago is not the energy healing we need now.

I’ve started playing with new forms of energy. Beautiful, beautiful forms. Not the violet ray, but a rainbow ray that looks like if a unicorn and a waterfall had a love child. I’ve also been working with a lot of earth energy, and it feels incredible. She wants to help us so much. And the plant spirits are also rallying around us in support.

These forms of light feels so familiar, and so good. Because they actually feel like me.

So we’ll see where they go. 

I've also found great benefit from training in Integrated Energy Therapy®, a system developed by Stephen Thayer from The Center of Being. The energy is super flexible, there are thousands of angels you can work with, and the IET® training really supercharges your spiritual gifts. Without IET®, I wouldn’t be able to see energy and speak to my guides as clearly as I do now. I’m not sure I would feel as confident exploring new energies, either. 

Many of the IET® practitioners I know are bringing through new forms of energy, and are developing their own systems of healing. To me, this is a good sign.

Think about it this way. If Western doctors prescribed only one type of medication, we’d be screwed. Everybody would get some antibiotics, and some people would find healing (like those with bacterial infections), and others wouldn't (like...everybody else). 

I feel that way about energy work, whether giving or receiving. Reiki is great in some instances. IET® is great in many instances. The energies I’m playing with now are great for other scenarios (particularly for clearing stagnant energy, and bringing out the joy and freedom of your soul). Acupuncture works well for others, as does flower essence therapy or massage. And sometimes, when you have acute appendicitis, you need a Western doctor to take the reins. 

But none of these modalities alone will heal the world.

Because they are simply one form of energy. One prescription of light.

We need a tribe of lightworkers (like you) willing to step into your power, and activate your own set of spiritual gifts. Not just energy healers, but all human beings. Whether you are a brilliant engineer, a musician, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, an energy worker, an accountant, an artist, or simply you. 

Your gifts matter. 

And I challenge you to shine your light, no matter what color it is, no matter what your training or background or beliefs, and no matter who you are. 

The time has come. 

We need you.  

So while reiki has its place, it is not the only way.

There are as many ways to heal as there are individuals in this beautiful world. 

Meanwhile, let me hear from you. What do you think about reiki and energy healing training? If you’ve received reiki, what has been your experience? What more would you like to see from the energy healing community? Leave your comments below, or send an email to 

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