The Secret to Self-Worth

Just for a moment, ask yourself,

“Is this fit for a Goddess?”

Do you live as though you are a living, breathing expression of the Goddess herself?

Or do you live as though she is outside you, something separate, something divorced from your cells?

When you begin to acknowledge the Goddess within, magic happens.

  • You nourish yourself more. 
  • You develop a strong sense of self-love and self-worth.
  • You establish clear and decisive boundaries. 

I see so many women suffer because they believe (on a subconscious level) that the divine is outside of them...somewhere to be accessed in the ethers. That we need to bring heaven to earth. 

That is baloney. 

The divine lives within. The divine is right here, right now, living and breathing within you. And there is no separating you from the divine. 

Reclaiming your Goddess power

How would your life change if you were to begin seeing yourself as a Goddess? 

What would your morning routine look like?

What would your relationships look like? 

What would your finances look like?

I encourage you to spend a few minutes journaling about how your life would improve if you began truly improving your sense of self-love, self-worth, and confidence. 

Flower Remedies for Support

When you start confronting the ways you're not treating yourself like a goddess, a lot of resistance can emerge. Lots of reasons why you shouldn't nourish yourself, or practice self-care. 

Thankfully, flower essences can help you move beyond resistance. 

Flower essences are liquid bio-energetic remedies to help transform your mood, mind, and heart through the acupuncture meridians. Because they come from Mother Earth, they are particularly useful in developing a “Goddess Mindset” of self-love, self-worth, and confidence.

When you feel like others are “by definition” better or more worthy than you, or when you fear starting projects because you might fail, Larch is a beautiful formula. Larch helps us develop a strong sense of confidence. I’ve used it with myself and others, and it is particularly useful when you see yourself as a past version of yourself...rather than embracing your current (and abundant) talents and gifts. You can find Larch flower essence through the Flower Essence Society, at Whole Foods, or on 

For self-worth and the developing the ability to receive, I recommend Missouri Primrose by Delta Gardens. This beautiful essence helps us open to receive, which is a key characteristic of the Goddess mindset. When women take this essence, often they find themselves attracting more money and abundance, because the second chakra opens even more to receive. 

Even if you feel your sense of self-worth and confidence are strong, these flower essences will help you strengthen them even more. 

Just One Thing

What is just one thing you can do today to treat yourself like a goddess, and embrace a mindset of greater self-love, self-worth, and confidence? 

Will you reach out for help, schedule a haircut, take a bath, cook yourself and amazing meal, or something else?

If you'd like to share, I'd love to hear what you've decided to do! Leave a comment below for sisterly support.