How to Make Ritual Oils

When I first moved to San Francisco, I found a shop called The Sword and Rose which is the closest I've found to a real Diagon Alley. They have gorgeous jars on the wall, covered in symbols and jewels, and each jar is filled with oil dedicated to a specific deity or for a specific purpose.

Inspired by these beautiful oils, I decided to start crafting some myself, and I've been so happy with the results. (Hint: I sometimes share these oils with members of The Diana Society). 

So...what is a ritual oil?

Essentially, ritual oils are a combination of oils, plants, and essences, made with ritual, for ritual purposes.

The rough steps are as follows:

  1. Choose an intention for your oil.
  2. Choose a carrier oil.
  3. Infuse the oil with dried herbs.
  4. Add essential oils.
  5. Add flower essences.
  6. Add gem essences.
  7. Ask your guides to bless the oil. 
  8. (Optionally) Leave the oil in a crystal grid or altar for a set period of time.
  9. Use with respect during times of personal ceremony.

Intuition is the guide. I'll start with an intention for the oil - either an intention my guides have given me, something I've picked up on by talking to the plants, or something I simply need more of in my life.

I'll start by picking a specific carrier oil, generally based on intuition. I use a lot of jojoba, argan, or olive oil as a carrier, simply because they are in my house. 

Then I'll take some raw plant matter from my garden and infuse the oil. These are often dried calendula flowers, rose petals, or other herbs like rosemary, mugwort, sage, lavender. You can use fresh herbs, but the oil will spoil more easily because of the water content.

I'll set the oil outside to infuse in the sun and/or moon for either a few hours, days, or weeks. Some people prefer to leave the oils in the shade, which works too. Sometimes, I'll even bury the oil, which brings in a completely different energy.

After I strain and filter the oil, I'll add essential oils and/or flower and gem essences, based on intuition. Sometimes I'll do research on the essential oils needed, other times I'll receive a recipe from the fairies, or I'll use muscle testing, a pendulum, or just my nose. Normally I use 1-4 different essential oils. 

For the flower and gem essences, I'll generally have a good idea of what I want to use based on the essential oils and plant matter used. For example, if I've put in calendula flowers, I'll likely add calendula flower essence. Of if I've infused mugwort, I'll add some mugwort flower essence. I generally only use 1-2 flower essences to keep the energy very simple. When you are using so many ingredients, it can be easy to create an energetically muddy formula.

For the gems, most of the time I'll use gem essences like gold, silver, diamond, herkimer diamond, malachite. Kunzite, rose quartz, or pink stones are great for the heart. But if you were using an oil for communication, you might choose lapis. I get my gem essences from Alaskan Essences, Delta Gardens, or I'll make them myself with a special crystal or stone. I generally use 1-2 gem essences.

Then, I'll ask the guides I'm working with to bless the oil, and I'll hold my hands over it for awhile as the energy comes in. Or I'll leave it on a dedicated altar, perhaps surrounding some quartz points around it.

To use the oil, you can anoint your chakras, palms, third eye, or whatever feels good to you given the ritual you are performing. Baths are also amazing. This is a process that has evolved for me over time, so if it calls to you, you might find what works best for you. 

The most powerful magick is the magick we create ourselves.

I hope you have fun, enjoy yourself, and if you do decide to create something, let me know what you create!