Healing the Second Chakra

Many women come to me with complaints about work. Some possibilities:

  • You’re unsure if you are following the right career path
  • You want to shift careers, but you don’t have the confidence to change
  • Your “old way” of working isn’t working anymore
  • You want to make more money
  • You’ve hit a glass ceiling in your business and want to move forward
  • You want to be seen

Surprisingly, I’ll start asking a woman about her menstrual cycle.

How regular is it? What is it like? Is there pain? If so, what does it feel like?

The state of your menstrual cycle tells me so, so much about the clarity of your second chakra: the source of your creativity and the work you share with the world.

The Second Chakra: Out of Balance

The second chakra is the place where we store sexual trauma and any betrayals. It is the home of your sexuality, reproductive organs, and your creativity. It is where you store energetic cords with friends and even past lovers. It stores guilt. It is the home of your fertility. It is where you express your self-worth, self-love, and boundaries. 

An unbalanced second chakra can result in irritability, menstrual cramps, painful sex, mood swings, fertility challenges, fibroids, weight gain, and more. These symptoms are your body telling you something needs to be healed. 

Our menstrual cycles are the most powerful self-healing tool we have as women. These monthly cycles are portals to unlock greater physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 

The Second Chakra: In Balance

When the second chakra is functioning properly, miracles happen. 

  • You are creatively liberated.
  • You are operating from present conditions, not the situations of the past. 
  • You are clear of cords tying you back to old relationships. 
  • You are free from perfection. 
  • Your present relationships are healthy and supportive. 
  • You feel safe expressing your feminine self. 
  • You have a strong sense of self-love and self-worth.
  • You have healthy, appropriate boundaries. 

And best of all? Your menstrual cycle is regular, healthy, and painless. For some, fertility returns with a force, and creative energy follows. For others, menstrual cramps disappear or lessen dramatically. This certainly happened for me, and I’ve witnessed this happen for many others. 

In my practice, I work with flower essences to clear, align, and open the second chakra. When the emotional imprints of betrayal, guilt, crossed-boundaries, low confidence, and perfection are cleared, the second chakra opens and closes beautifully. You’re able to shine your creative light in the world. 

You can create like the goddess you are.

My favorite flower essence for the second chakra

And for now, if you are interested in working with flower essences on your own, I’ll offer my favorite protocol for cleansing the second chakra, developed by Matthew Wood. More information is available in his book Seven Herbs: Plants as Teachers. 

If you plan on trying this protocol, I would highly recommend reading the chapter on Easter Lily in his book.

According to the Flower Essence Society, this essence works well for:

  • Integration of sexuality and spirituality as a force of wholeness in the soul according to each individual’s life path
  • Healing trauma, abuse or degraded sexual experience which depletes dignity and integrity in the soul; 
  • Invoking the archetype of Virgin as a pure soul quality of the Divine Feminine

Matthew Wood also offers case histories for PCOS, menstrual cramps, and infertility. If you do not want to get pregnant, I would avoid this flower essence!


Seven days before your period begins, take 2 drops of the flower essence under the tongue. Discontinue when menses begins. 

Continue this for a total of three cycles. 

The first month, your symptoms will be exaggerated. The second month, hopefully slightly better. The third month should see significant improvement. 

This protocol really changed my life, so I hope it helps you, too. 

Womb Awakening Program

I offer a program to help women clear and heal the second chakra. If you're interested in working together, head here for more information.