For my son

When I found out I was pregnant
I planned out all the things
I would say to my daughter.

About self-worth and self-love
And treating her sisters
Like the wild priestesses they are.

About the mysteries of blood
And the mysteries of the moon
And how within the heart of
Every woman is a healer
Ready to awaken.

I would teach her the names
Of the wild flowers and the different
Kinds of wind and which herbs
Were best for healing the wounds
Of the body and the heart.

And most of all I would teach her that no
Other human can complete her;
Only she can complete herself
By uniting her divine feminine and
Divine masculine
Into one.

When I learned I was having a son, not a daughter, I breathed a sigh of relief, as if
I did not have to teach him these things, as if
I did not have a responsibility to share
With him the life-giving heartbeat of the feminine.

But now I know
I will teach him all these things the same,
For the divine feminine lives within men, too.
And she can only awaken
When all of us
Find balance.

So when I feel him kick inside me,
In this uterus of love,
I send him a wish that he will know
The love of the wild mother,
The wild woman,
The wild feminine,
The wild divine

-Awake Woman