Part 3: Flower Essences for Fear

The past few days we've really been exploring fear, and how to befriend and move beyond it. For our last post in the series, let’s look flower essences, essential oils, and acupressure for managing fear.

Earth Alchemy Part 1: Flower Essences

After working with a client and unraveling the source of fear, I always craft a handmade flower essence blend to support the client’s ongoing transformation. Flower essences are another way to receive the healing properties of plants. The essences are liquid energy to help transform your mood, mind, and heart through the acupuncture meridians. Flower essences can be used as gentle allies to help us resolve our fears, even fears we’ve had since birth (or beyond). 

Most people familiar with flower essences have used them recreationally. By that, I mean they buy a bottle and take a few drops whenever they feel like it. When using flower essences therapeutically, the process is slightly different. When the right essences are in your formula, patterns shift and resolve, often permanently, within a few weeks’ time. This is my favorite way to use flower essences, and I love seeing the results after a month of use!

The following essences are essences I’ve used successfully to help myself and others overcome their fears. 

How to use

Choose one or two of the essences suggested below. Take the chosen essence under your tongue 3 drops, 3 times a day for 30 days. If you prefer, you can add the essence to water. After the 30 day cycle is complete, you can continue with the same set of essences, or choose another essence to work with. 

Generalized fears

Aspen is the remedy for helping ease generalized fears. At some point or another, most of my clients receive this remedy. It helps ground and protect the root chakra, and provides a deep sense of safety and protection. If you have clusters of fear surrounding specific tasks at launching a business, searching for a new job, moving across the country, Aspen is a great remedy to help you move past your fears. 

Fears you can name

Mimulus is the best remedy for fears you can name. Spiders. The dark. Driving. If you can name the fear, mimulus is your remedy. 

Fear of failure

Many women are so afraid of failing. Larch is a beautiful flower essence to help us find our inner confidence and grace. It also improves self worth, so we no longer fear failing. I also use this remedy frequently for women building self-worth and starting new businesses, and also for new moms who are afraid of failing as a mother. It is a beautiful remedy for many stages in a woman’s life. 

Sunflower is also a classic essence for the fear of success and failure. It works more with the third chakra than the first.

Fear of losing control

Often when we start accessing our innate psychic/intuitive gifts, the mind/ego starts freaking out. Cherry plum is a great remedy to remind the ego that the soul is in control, and there’s no reason to worry. 

Fear of your shadow

My favorite essence for overcoming fear of your shadow is Night Blooming Cereus. So many women fear their shadows. This is a perfect essence for embracing all aspects of your being. Jane Bell Essences writes, “Helps you overcome the fear of inner and outer darkness to contact the stunning beauty of your essence in its galactic, earthy and shadowy entirety. Shatters the trance of unworthiness and imperfection to allow you to live in kindness and self-appreciation.”

When you don’t feel safe

I almost always combine essences for fear with Cedar. Cedar helps us feel safe. So many people are afraid simply because they do not feel safe. When we are held in a cocoon of safety, like the cocoon Cedar provides, it is easier for us to conquer our fears. 

Earth Alchemy Part 2: Grounding, acupressure, and essential oils

When working with flower essences for fear, it is always helpful to include practices to support the root chakra.

Fears live in our root chakra. The root chakra is responsible for regulating our physical existence and needs, like money, food, clothing, and loving relationships. When our root chakra is functioning well, we feel safe to be in the world.

My favorite exercise for supporting the root chakra is taking off my shoes and socks and placing my feet on the bare earth for 15 minutes. This simple practice, sometimes called “earthing,” connects you directly to the energy of the earth. Taking a walk in nature can often have a similar effect. 

If you can’t go outside, you might consider grounding through aromatherapy or acupressure. 

The acupressure point Kidney 1 is located on the bottoms of the feet. Stimulating Kidney 1 imparts a deep sense of safety, and balances a system with too much energy in the upper chakras. You can simply rub the point with your thumbs, or place your thumb on the point and imagine energy pulsing through it. After 1-2 minutes, you will feel the energy actually pulsing through your thumb, at which point you know your system is in greater balance. 

Additionally, you can rub diluted essential oils on Kidney 1, especially before bed. Cedarwood or vetiver would be beautiful choices. 

You can purchase these flower essences through Delta Gardens, Jane Bell Essences, or through Amazon. Floracopia makes beautiful essential oils. 

A final note

While working through fears, it is always helpful to understand what you would do if fear weren’t controlling your life. 

What would your life look like if fear no longer ran your life?
What would you do differently?
How would you feel differently?

By identifying these actions and feelings, you can measure when you’ve actually arrived. 

For many of us, managing fear is an ongoing process. But with these exercises and essences, fear can step aside, and you can step brilliant and blazing as you are.