The Best Flower Essence for Empaths


Protective flower essences are crucial allies for empathic women. By far, the most important protective essence is yarrow. 

Yarrow is an herb for the wounded healer. She helps us heal ourselves and create strong energetic boundaries. She helps us differentiate our energy fields from the fields of others. She helps us practice good energetic hygiene.

There are many colors of yarrow, and each one has a specific signature. 

Here are my favorites:

White Yarrow - For general boundary strengthening. A good one to start with if you're not sure which yarrow to use. Helps seal holes in the aura.

Pink Yarrow - For people sensitive to others’ emotions. Helps protect the field from other people's emotions by strengthening your energy field through the heart. 

Golden Yarrow - For those who withdraw from social settings. This is indicated when you avoid people, places, or parties due to murky boundaries. Also has an affinity for the mental body.

Lavender Yarrow - Provides protection to the upper chakras; helps those who frequently leave their body and spend time in the "upper realms." Helps when EMFs impact spiritual connection. 

I’ve used all of these at some point, and the yarrow flower essence from Delta Gardens is a beautiful blend of white, pink, and golden yarrow. That combination is by far my favorite. Yarrow is also included in the Diana Elixir in our shop. 

I also find lavender yarrow particularly helpful after spending a bunch of time at the computer and having difficulty meditating afterwards because of the electronic energy in my field. A few drops of lavender yarrow, and I’m back to myself again. 

Over time, continued use of protective flower essences will strengthen your energy field, so you don't need to take them as frequently. 

If you wish to go deeper into the world of flower essences, feel free to order a custom formula or take a look at our shop. I’d love help you rise above the wounded healer archetype and embody the creative goddess that you are. 

Magick blessings,