Embodying your Power

There are so many ways we evade our divine feminine power. 

We call ourselves intuitive instead of psychic. 
We call ourselves coaches instead of healers. 
We call ourselves writers instead of oracles.
We say “we’re just one person,” when in fact each one of us contains multitudes. 

Each one of us has the power to command MIRACLES. 

I’ll say it again:

Calling yourself intuitive instead of psychic
is a way to step away from your power. 

So today I invite you, in the humblest of ways, to watch where you’re stepping away from your power. 

No matter what your special gift is, find the strongest words to describe your skills. Whether you’re a healer, psychic, oracle, mother, revolutionary, or more.

The words you choose to describe yourself
are the containers for the miracles you are able to create. 

I invite you to truly own all of your special gifts. 

It is safest to use your power consciously. 

It is safest to fully own your power.

It is safest to live within your body. 

It is safest to love yourself. 

When we’re stepping away from our power, we’re stepping away from our higher self. 

As we embody our power, we embody our higher self. 

And I invite our higher selves to intervene when we’re stepping away from our power into past conditionings. 

To nudge us back into our center. 

To support us as the old beliefs fall away, and we step fully into the light of our soul presence. 

To remind us how beautiful we are, just as we are right now. 

To help us choose the right words to describe our gifts.

And to show us all of the blessings that come forth when we embody courage, vulnerability, and trust. 

You are being called to step into greater relationship with your higher self and your body. 

And if you answer the call, you are supported with millions of angels who are here to support your blossoming. 

We love you and bless you today. 

With magick blessings,
-Lizzie and the Faerie Queens