Developing Your Intuition

I really believe that everybody can be intuitive! I've been working with many women to help them build and develop their intuitive nature, and it is amazing how we can really expand our capacity to connect to our deepest sources of wisdom.

Here's a quick list of the practices that have helped me the most along the way. 

  • Play! Take time to run around, create art, garden, play an instrument, or whatever feels good to you. When we play, we move into the heart, which is where our wisdom resides. 
  • Meditation. Yep. Developing a simple meditation practice is crucial to really creating the mental space for us to hear the whispers of our heart. Of course it's not the only way, but it really does provide results. 
  • Pay attention to your body. I find that my body's impulses tell me more than anything else. How is my heart beating when I think about this? Do my palms sweat? Does my stomach knot up? Does my body feel at peace, or does the fight or flight sense kick in? Our bodies know so much more than we give them credit for.
  • Chart your menstrual cycle. I find that my intuitive capacity is strongest the two days before my period through when I finish bleeding. The Crone phase often has the most direct with her! Ovulation also has its own type of strong, creative energy that can be useful as well. 
  • Consider being attuned in an energy therapy. I’ve seen huge deepening in my intuition through energy work attunements for Reiki and Integrative Energy Therapy. Of course this isn't necessary, but it can really help.
  • Flower essences. These amazing plants work on a vibrational level to subtly open us up. Wild Light Apothecary sells a blend called Intuitive Counselor that helps support your intuitive development! Here's some of my favorite individual essences:
    • Cherry plum is great for the calming the ego/mind when we start directly hearing wisdom. Whenever we start doing energy work, or really anything that threatens the ego, Cherry Plum helps chill out the ego. So important!
    • Cat’s Ear (known as Star Tulip) is great for opening the inner ears. 
    • Eyebright is excellent for increasing psychic sight and visioning.
    • Mugwort opens us up on a multitude of levels and helps integrate psychic experiences with daily life.
    • Yarrow helps us feel safe, seals any holes in our aura, and seals us off from icky energy.
  • Moon charting. Our intuition is often highest at the new and full moons, so paying attention to the moon phases can be helpful while developing intuition. 
  • Movement! Movement brings us more deeply into our body so we can hear our body’s wisdom. 
  • Nourish your liver. In Chinese Medicine, our visioning spirit (the Hun) resides in the liver. You might take liver supporting herbs, hold off the alcohol, or experiment falling asleep by 11pm each night. On the Chinese Medicine organ clock, 11pm is the beginning of the wood element (liver and gall bladder), so being asleep from 11pm-3am is good for nourishing that aspect of our system. I find that if I’m in bed by 11pm each night, I am more likely to remember my dreams in the morning!
  • Using essential oils like mugwort and sandalwood can really open up our third eyes. Myrrh and frankincense are also personal favorites, in addition to cedar wood and rose. You can anoint your third eye with the oils, massage them into your temples, create a room spray, or diffuse them.
  • Nourishment. Pay attention to the foods you eat and the sources of information you consume. Does this news channel lift me up? How does this food make me feel? When you start paying attention to the subtle energies of the world around you, your intuition will heighten.
  • Spend time in Nature. Spending time in nature connects us back to Mother Earth (the real source!), and also helps to move us from our heads into our hearts. 
  • Listen. When you are having a conversation with somebody, listen to both their words and your body's response. How do the words land in your senses? What happens to your stomach? The more you listen to others, and pay attention to your reactions, the more you develop the capacity to hear those small voices within. 
  • Books! The nerd in me loves reading books. Opening to Channel by Sanaya Roman is my personal favorite for intuitive development. This book is rich with information about how to connect to rich sources of wisdom, and was one of my first guideposts to developing my intuitive sense.

So there we go! What has been your favorite way to develop your intuition?

All my love to you on your journey!!