The Divine Feminine Body Politic

We are moving to a new house for six months, and tonight I found the proposal I wrote for my senior thesis.
My paper was a deep dive into artistic renditions of Mother Mary during Fascist Italy. My thesis was that the body politic is often represented by the female form, and we can look to representations of the female body as ways to examine the political ideology of the time. 
Through the 1920s and 1930s in a small town in Tuscany, the depictions of Mary moved from docile virgins to angular statues, and gradually through the early 1940s she became almost a footnote in the paintings as pictures of Mussolini and horses and maps of Ethiopia took the forefront.
Looking back at this paper tonight, something became very clear.
Women's bodies are intimately tied into politics.
Women's bodies ARE the body politic. 
That's why we talk about Lady Liberty. America the Beautiful. 
And so as women, we feel the political discourse in our bodies.
That might be why our bodies feel tense right now, or digestion might be off, or we get more bladder infections, or we feel anxiety.
Our bodies know what's going on.
That's also why our bodies are so political and why white men keep trying to control them. 
Instinctively, they know where the power lies.
It lies in the female body.
So what do we do?
We respect our bodies like the life-giving temples they are. 
We adorn ourselves in whatever way makes us feel invincible.
We strength train, lift weights, exercise.
(The day of the inauguration, I flexed my biceps in the mirror and knew I was ready for this).
We eat well, and rest as much as possible.
So if you want to sustain yourself in the revolution, treat your body like a temple.
If you want to catalyze the revolution, love your body.
Listen to her whispers. 
Know that your body love isn't just for you.
It is for the health of this nation.
The health of this earth.
The health of us all.
I'll be right there with you, nourishing my body. One day at a time.
With love,
Lizzie Rae Rose