She chose you.

Your higher self chose your body,
as her ordained vehicle for
experiencing the world of form. 

Did you hear that?
She chose your body. 

Your eyes.
Your nose.
Your hips.
Your thighs.
Your heart.
Your liver.

All of it was chosen by your soul.

When you look in the mirror again,
how does your relationship with your body change
when you remember that the divinity within you
chose your face?
Chose your hair color
and your eye color
and the space between your ribs?

Is there space for more forgiveness,
space for more love,
and space for more pleasure?

She chose you. 

Those hands holding this message.
Those lungs receiving air as you're breathing.
That big, beautiful human brain.

She chose it all. 

Because she’s a beautiful creator.

Just like you.

She chose you.