Flower Essences for the Pisces Supermoon

I love eclipses. I love new moons. I love the watery realms of Pisces. 

And I love using flower essences* to support what is emerging in the astrological realms. 

After going through the beautiful readings from Mystic Mamma this month, here's some flower essences that might assist the themes of the upcoming new moon. These themes include releasing karmic/ancestral patterns, facing your shadows, and working with your dreams.

To take these essences, I recommend either 3 drops 3 times a day, or 7 drops 2 times a day. Trust your intuition to guide you!

Releasing Karmic/Ancestral Patterns

Boab - Australian Bush Essences

Boab is one of my favorite flower essences. It releases us from any ancestral patterning that we've taken on. From the description, "Boab clears negative emotional and mental family patterns that are passed on from generation to generation. Boab can access and clear those core patterns and all the related ensuing beliefs." I've used Boab with people struggling from autoimmune issues, dealing with family histories of abuse, or simply clearing patterns of workaholism passed down from parent to parent. If you do something because your parents did, this is a good essence to help clear those patterns. 

Facing your shadows

Night Blooming Cereus - Jane Bell Essences

If we're going to face our shadows, we need to have courage. Yet sometimes, we are too afraid to even look at our shadows. This essence releases any fear of your shadows, and helps you contact the beauty of your inner essence. I've used this essence with clients after they've done a bunch of healing work, yet they know there are more layers underneath what's already been healed. Night Blooming Cereus will help you look at those layers without fear, so you can transform and transmute them, bringing forth more of the light of your being.

Codonopsis - Delta Gardens

Codonopsis helps us face our "dark side" or move through any inner challenges or weaknesses. It helps us look at the part of ourselves that we don't like, so we can heal that part and live more consciously. It is a tremendously powerful essence, and can create powerful change when used with respect. When I've used this essence, I've healed parts of myself that I didn't particularly like, and was able to move into a greater state of self love and appreciation. 

Working with your Dreams

Depending on what issue you are working on, you can take flower essences before you go to bed. Often these flower essences will impact your dream state. I've found some essences, like Hemp Agrimony or Milk Thistle, will impact your dreams whether you take them before bed or sometime during the day. I still remember when I took Hemp Agrimony, an essence for feelings of lonliness. Every night I dreamt about some boyfriend or love interest who dumped me or wasn't interested. Needless to say, it was very, very healing!

Mugwort - Flower Essence Society

Mugwort is the flower essence for the dream state. It helps to Integrate psychic and dream experiences with daily life, and facilitates multi-dimensional consciousness. You can also put mugwort oil on your wrists or a few sprigs of mugwort plant under your pillow for better dream recall. 

St. John's Wort - Delta Gardens

Of course, if the dreamy lunar Pisces moon makes you too spacey, you might look to more "solar" essences for balance, like St. John's Wort. St. John's wort is a protection essence, and helps the soul come back into the body after expanded, dreamy states. It would be very useful if you need some supermoon grounding or have difficulty staying in your body. 

I hope these essences are helpful, and I'm wishing you many beautiful moments of transformation throughout this beautiful new moon and eclipse season!

*If you're unfamiliar with flower essences, download our free guide to vibrational healing!