This is the lifetime you've been training for.

Dear Lightworker,

I know you’ve been afraid. I know you’ve wanted to hibernate, shut down, hide. 

I know you’ve wanted to shield yourself from those with differing opinions. 

I know you’ve wanted to step back, or worse, quit. 

But I also want you to know that these are the times you’ve been training for.

This is the lifetime where you get to put all of your mystery school education to work. 

This is the lifetime when you get to make BIG CHANGES.

This is the lifetime where we need you, ALL of you, stepping forward with the gusto that only your human and higher selves bring. 

Your light is needed NOW.

Dust off your arrows of light. Dust off your bow of love. Now is the time when you must step forward as a wayshower for many. Now is the time when you must step forward to embody the truths you know to be true.

Thousands of angels and spiritual guides have been praying for your spiritual development and advancement. Thousands! Do you know how big the prayers are that we’ve been praying for you?

Do you know how much we believe in you?

Do you know that THIS, right here, right now, is the next step in your evolution?

Your divine purpose is staring you in the eyes. 

This is the lifetime you’ve been training for. 

Let yourself step into the prayer you made for yourself the moment your soul was born. 

You’re ready. 

You can do this.


Diana and the Faerie Queens


P.S. When you do it, do it for you.