How to be a priestess and keep your day job

...On the path of the priestess, there are roles for everybody. 

There’s a need to lead ceremony. There’s a need to follow ceremony. There’s a need to pray openly. There’s a need to pray in private. There’s a need to diplomat with external communities. There’s a need to pray for those communities. There’s a need to cook food. There’s a need to wash dishes. There’s a need to wash the robes. There’s a need to harvest the herbs. There’s a need to care for the animals. There’s a need to care for the earth. There’s a need to raise the babies. There’s a need to tend to the sick. There’s a need to fall in love. There’s a need to worship the sun. There’s a need to worship the moon. There’s a need to support a sister in grief. There’s a need to bury the dead. 

So if you feel you can’t be a priestess, ask yourself how a priestess’s work is different from what you’re already doing.

 -Morgan La Fay, as channeled by Lizzie Rae Rose

When I was first called to the priestess path, I was terrified that I’d have to 1) dress in flowy clothes, 2) do a lot of yoga, 3) get myself a set of expensive prayer beads, and 4) paint my face in with strange symbols. 

I was also afraid that I’d lose all my friends, and need to quit my job and live “outside” the world. 

When I realized that I could keep my job at Google and still be a priestess, a weight was taken off my shoulders. I was able to start a meditation program there. I was able to make some serious changes within my engineering department, for the better. I was able to be a good friend and colleague to co-workers who needed somebody to listen to them. 

Yes, I eventually quit my job there (but that is another story). But while I was at Google, I was just as much a priestess as I am today.

So if you are drawn to the priestess path, it is important to ask yourself, “How would a priestess do the job that you’re already doing?”

Because chances are, the priestess archetype is one you have already started embodying.

We need priestesses everywhere. 

We need priestesses in schools.

We need priestesses in banks.

We need priestesses in country clubs.

We need priestesses in the buses.

We need priestesses in government.

We need priestesses in accounting.

We need priestesses in construction.

We need priestesses in the homes.

We need priestesses in restaurants.

We need priestesses in stores.

We need priestesses in the media.

We need priestesses in technology.

We need priestesses in fashion. 

We need priestesses everywhere. 

So the question can shift from, "Am I a priestess" to... “What actions can I take in my current career role that fit the priestess archetype?”

The priestess is a woman who is in conscious conversation with the divinity within her, and strives to make her inner communion her outer reality.  

How do you listen to your colleagues who need help?

How do you mentor other people?

How do you do the work that needs to be done, but nobody wants to do?

How do you rise as a feminine leader?

How do you uplift and spread the voices of those marginalized?

How do you you approach your inbox as a sacred space for communicating your heart?

How do you use your intuition to make decisions?

How do you take care of yourself like a child or a lover?

How do you nourish your body with uplifiting foods, media, and movement?

How do you make the mundane feel sacred?

How do you honor your inner child in your work?


By simply asking yourself these questions, you begin to activate and awaken the priestess within. 

And she is ready to do the work. Anywhere. 


If you're interested in what it means to be a Modern Priestess, I highly recommend checking out the work of Katie Burke. Her Modern Priestess Movement interview series is great, and we have a fun conversation about our priestess journeys. 

If you’ve been feeling drawn to the priestess path, I’m also offering a Water Priestess Activation Series. This series gives you concrete tools to awaken your magick and bring healing to your life and the lives of others. Check it out! We start next week.