Who are the plant angels?

Photo by Kristin Cofer

Photo by Kristin Cofer

Who are the Plant Angels?

The Plant Angels are the unified field of all of the higher selves of the plants in a specific plant species. Through this unified field, they act like the Archangels of the plant realm, and are able to help and assist you whenever you call on them for help. 

When we communicate with plants, speaking to the Plant Angel of the plant instead of the higher self of the individual plant or the personality of the individual plant gives us the greatest range of the plant's capabilities for healing. Of course you can talk to specific plants and trees and flowers and get to know their personalities...that is how we work with our human friends! But when looking to the plants for physical and spiritual healing, working with the Angels is the best way I know. 

Last month, I shared with the Diana Society an essence that I made without any plant matter present. It was an essence of the Tiger Lily, made with an energetic download from the Plant Angel into water and the visualization of tiger lilies in the bowl. But there were no tiger lilies present. It seemed to work VERY well, and I'm excited to see where this takes us. I've started calling these essences Plant Angel Elixirs to differentiate from flower essences, because they actually feel slightly different in energetic nature. 

I have a new offering called Flower Angel Attunements, where you'll fill out an intake form with your goals and questions, and I'll work with the Plant Angels to see who is supporting you now. You'll receive a 1-2 page message from them, with details regarding what chakras are being affected and how you can move forward with your self-healing path. In addition, you'll receive a Plant Angel elixir in the mail, crafted specifically for you and your goals. These elixirs are powerful agents for positive change, and I'd be delighted to share their magick with you!

And of course, if you have any questions about the Plant Angels or how to work with them, send me an email!

Magick + Flower Blessings,