6 creative uses for flower essences

Flower essences are liquid bio-energetic remedies that run through our body’s acupuncture meridians. Normally, people take flower essences internally, three drops, three times a day. 

Many people don’t realize you can also use flower essences externally. I love using flower essences in room sprays and in baths, but there are so many ways to get creative. 

(Disclaimer: Keep in mind that flower essences can be both fun and sacred. Flower essences can uplift the mundane aspects of life, but they are also powerful and transformational medicines! Use them wisely and with great reverence and respect.)

Here are some ideas for transforming the everyday into the sacred. 

  • Beauty everywhere: Add a few drops of flower essences to your beauty products, like shampoos or lotions. Larch (for confidence) and missouri primrose (for self-worth) are two of my favorites. 


  • Bathing Luxury: Add a few drops of flower essences to your bath water. I love setting an intention before I bathe, and flower essences can definitely help! Some favorites for the bath are mariposa lily and sugar maple for feeling motherly nourishment. See below for a recipe. 


  • Supercharged Bodywork: Put a few drops of flower essences on your hands before giving a massage or doing energy work. I love using dandelion and agrimony flower essences for relaxing tense muscles. 


  • Harmonious Spaces: Create a beautiful environment by adding essences to your house paint. I recommend yarrow to protect from environmental influences like EMFs. I also recommend sunflower if your room is rather dark. When I painted the room of my healing studio, I added sacred symbols and flower essences to the paint. People love the energy of the room, and I’m sure the flower essences have something to do with it!


  • Happy Plants: Give flower essences to your plants. I love to give them yarrow, and I also give them Elm (for times of temporary overwhelm) if I’ve forgotten to water them!


  • Beautiful Artwork: If you are an artist, add flower essences to your materials. I love painting with watercolors, and I always add flower essences to the water. The paintings seem to take on a special glow when I use the essences. Wild Iris (for creativity) and Borage (for courage) are especially nice. 

There we go! Six creative uses for flower essences. If you try one of them out, let me know how it goes.

In the meantime, here's my favorite bath recipe using flower essences. Enjoy!

Nourishing Bath Recipe

2 cups organic milk

1/2 cup honey

5 drops essential oil (rose geranium, rose, lavender, chamomile, or jasmine)

A handful of flower petals, like rose or calendula petals

5-10 drops of 1-2 different flower essences. Some options might be mariposa lily (for feeling nourished by the divine mother), sugar maple (for feeling supported and grounded), sassafras (for self love), elm (for times of temporary overhwhelm), or borage (for courage)

Light a candle and set an intention for your bath. If you are using flower essences in your bath, call upon the Spirit of Nature and the Spirit of the sacred plant essence(s) you've chosen. You can also call upon your spirit guides for love and support. 

Fill up your hot bath, and pour in the milk and honey under running water. Toss in the rose petals. 

Soak as long as you like! (Ideally 20 minutes or more). 

After the bath, thank your guides for supporting you and nourishing you.