5 Flower Essences for Creativity

You are infinitely creative. 

The only thing stopping you from creating are stories holding you to the past. 

Past conditionings. 
Stale fears. 
Perhaps from this life, or from another. 

If you are feeling creatively blocked, you have the power to move forward. 

The divine feminine is infinitely creative. 

Let her awaken inside your heart, and blast through those holes keeping you stuck. 

And if you are having any troubles, call upon the flowers for help. 

Wild iris, aspen, borage, pink lady's slipper, and blackberry are my favorites for busting through creative blocks, either due to fear, lack of courage, feeling stuck, or believing you aren't special. 

Wild iris: For opening the creative channels for greater insight

Aspen: For alleviating any generalized fears

Borage: For courage and opening the heart

Pink Lady's Slipper: For recognizing and awakening your special gifts

Blackberry: For busting through any feelings of "stuckness" and procrastination

All essences are available from either Flower Essence Services or Woodland Essences

Over time, the flower essences will awaken parts of you you did not know existed.

And I know the world needs your gifts. 

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