Getting Unstuck

Several days ago, I told a friend, “It takes a lot of energy to stay stuck.”

We both looked at each other, knowing the voice was from some other source. 

And the past few days, I’ve been really exploring and working with this idea. Challenged by it, even. But here’s what I’ve learned. 

It takes a lot of energy to stay stuck. 

It takes more energy to resist your soul’s purpose than to live it. 

 Imagine you are holding onto a tree branch.

Think about all the energy you need to hold on.

It requires a lot of mental, physical, and emotional fortitude.

And think about the amount of energy it would require to let go.

It certainly requires energy - particularly emotional and spiritual energies of faith and trust - but it is far less energy than required to hold onto the branch.

Living our purpose is letting go and trusting the fall. 

You don’t need to hold on to ways not serving you.

The earth supports you. Your soul supports you.

And if you ask how to let go?

Don’t worry.

Your path has already begun.

The energy supporting your soul's purpose is stronger than your fear.

And with all the energy of your guides, soul council, higher self, and soul, success is an inevitable by product of your dedication to your journey.

Let your curiosity guide you to new states of being, beyond your fear, and beyond your stuckness.

Your soul is on the other side, cheering you on, with pom poms and sage (and a whole cosmic crew of spirit helpers and guides).

As she sweetly shouts, thank you.

And welcome home.

I recently hosted a Google Hangout on "Getting Unstuck." I hope you enjoy <3

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