Learning from the earth

There’s a rose in our garden. We call her the Secret Rose, because we can only see her when we go deep into the corner of our yard, behind an enormous lemon tree and a prickly pear cactus. She only blooms a few times a year, but when she blooms, she is covered in the most spectacular, fragrant flowers. 

This morning I woke up and she was calling to me. So I went into the yard, and there she was, covered in amazing blooms. 

When plants get chatty, I often ask if I can make a flower essence or a medicine of some sort from them. Today, she was very clear I was to make a flower essence from her tender, enormous blooms. 

For me, making flower essences starts with ceremony. A sense of ritual. I like to sage my tools, and connect soul to soul with the plant before beginning. In this heart space, I find the plants communicate their medicine in deep ways. Sometimes they will show me their “plant signatures,” indicating their physical and emotional uses. 

Do they grow in the shadows? Is there a lot of sun? What plants surround them? What is the insect behavior? How is the plant shaped? What color are her flowers? The plant spirit guides my eyes to the most important aspects of her medicine. 

Truthfully, I’ve always been a bit scared of the secret rose. She is in a hidden, dark corner of our yard. There’s also a lumbering prickly pear cactus nearby, and with all respect to his medicine, he is one of the orneriest plants I know. 

One time I decided to plant some flowers underneath him, and the next morning one of his huge branches fell right on top of them.

Point taken. 

The secret rose also has enormous, pointy thorns. Almost like daggers. The bottom parts of her stem look like shark teeth. 

I can’t touch her without getting pricked. 

But that said, when she blooms, she is the most spectacular plant in our garden.


So I gathered my tools, and connected to the energies needed to make her medicine. I felt her, and we connected soul to soul. I snipped off the flowers that asked to be included, and let them fall into a clear glass bowl of water. And when the blooms covered the surface, I put the bowl down in a sunny spot near the base of the plant, and sat.

And she spoke. 

Boundaries are necessary for the healthy development of the heart, but sometimes we place barbed wire around areas that don’t need to be protected. There are places within all of our hearts where we close ourselves off to experiencing the wholeness of reality. Often times this relates to our sexuality. Often times this relates to the divine feminine. We fear these parts, sometimes identifying them with the shadows, when in reality they are who we are in the deepest cores of our being. 

We are sexual, creative creatures. We are meant to love one another. Without an open heart - womb connection, we sever ourselves off from our life force. 

I help to build and strengthen the connection between your heart and your reproductive organs, working along the conception vessel, integrating each part.

And I also break down ego and personality patterns preventing you from expressing your divine feminine and divine masculine union. My medicine releases the barriers preventing you from expressing the wholeness of your divinity, integrating the lower and the upper chakras, and providing a sense of freedom. 

In essence, my medicine allows you to feel, “I am free.”

So I sat with her, and let her work with my energy field as she cracked open areas of my heart, and integrated my shadows with my light. She gently lifted away ego patterns keeping me stuck. At one point I felt a tightness in my heart center, and she breathed with me into that space so I could open even more. 

I opened my eyes, and saw a heap of garden tools and compost. I heard the neighbor’s radio. I was back in my garden, sitting on a patch of crunchy, damp oxalis. And yet, some part of me was changed.

This is why I journey with the plants. This is why I love the plant kingdom. This is why I believe in the power of flower essences. 

I took the bowl inside, and continued the ritual. Combining two parts of this flower water with one part pear brandy, and pouring it all into an amber glass bottle. I took the remaining rose petals and made a rose petal elixir following the instructions here, adding a few drops of the essence to my petal, brandy, honey mix. 

A few drops of the essence under my tongue, and I felt her medicine deeply.

There are so many ways to heal our wounds. If you are interested in connecting to the plant kingdom, making a flower essence is one of the most amazing ways to start. My free plant spirit meditation is also a great way to connect more deeply with the plants. 

And if you open your heart right now, you’ll feel the love of the Secret Rose within you, working ever so gently on your heart. 

I am free.

I'd love to hear from you. What are your favorite ways to connect with nature? Let me know in the comments. Many blessings to you! -Lizzie