The simplest way to ground

Do you feel the yang energy of spring rising?

Lots of us are feeling a little cranky as we arise from the slumber of winter and move into the newness of spring. The full moon on Thursday is heightening these energies, and I've been noticing how many people feel edgier than normal or have a shorter temper.

I've found two ways to balance these energies. 

The first one is so, so simple. You simply take off your shoes and socks and put your feet on the bare earth for 15 minutes.

Yep, that's it. 

So simple!

When I do this, there's almost a draining sense from the bottoms of my feet, as though all my cares melt away towards the core of the earth. 

The second method is also super simple. The heart fire helps moderate the wood element rising in spring, so nourishing the heart can help keep everything in balance.

The easiest way to nourish the heart is to smile! Take a look at yourself in the mirror, and smile a few times. At first you'll feel silly, but after a few smiles, I find a truly heartfelt smile emerges.

That's how we want to feel. Oozy heartfelt goodness.

So, there we go! Two simple, inexpensive ways to find balance by grounding and opening the heart. 

What are your favorite practices for grounding? What are your favorite practices for opening your heart?

I'd love to hear from you in the comments!