Just be you.

I’m getting some professional photos taken of me tomorrow, and I’ve been totally nervous about what to wear. You realize, I’ve been doing energy work for years, but I haven’t been public about it until very recently. For whatever reason, these photos seem like a big deal. 

So anyways, I was fretting about clothing and branding and thinking to myself, what kind of woman am I?

Am I a priestess? 

Am I a rock star? 

Am I a wild woman? 

Am I an earth mother? 

In the beautiful range of the feminine kaleidoscope, who am I?

And then a voice said...

"Just be Lizzie." 

Right. Right. 

I forget that sometimes. 

We are meant to shine our unique light and birth our unique gifts. You and I both have eyes, but we see the world very differently. We both can write, but our perspectives are our own. 

This is important, and this is why the human journey is incredible, challenging, and beautiful. 

So tomorrow, I pray for the courage to be Lizzie. For the camera to capture my Lizzieness so I can share some Lizzie love with the world. 

And I pray for you to be you. We need you, just as you are. 

So shine on, sweet sister. 

Just be you.

As simple, and as hard as that may be.

The more we open to sharing our unique gifts with the world, the more we inspire others to do the same. 


All my love,