How to make a space clearing spray

Learning how to clear energy can totally change your life.

Using simple, effective ways to clear energy is empowering and makes your life so, so much better.

By far, my favorite way to clear energy is a space clearing spray.

Space Clearing Sprays

Making a space clearing spray is really very simple. There are a few basic steps:

  • Combine water, essential oils, flower essences and gem elixirs, and some salt.
  • Say some prayers.
  • Spray it everywhere! 


Here are some of my favorite essential oils, flower essences, gems, and salts.

There's a complete recipe down below.

Use your intuition, and have fun!

Essential Oils

Generally I like to combine around three different oils. Experiment, and you'll find a blend that works well for you. 

When blending, I like to put each individual oil on a q-tip or strip of paper and combine the q-tips in various ways. That way I'm not wasting a lot of oil before finding the "perfect blend."

Palo Santo - for clearing and breaking up dense energy. This one is a power hitter, and I think it smells really great. 

White Sage - for clearing and purifying a space - also very powerful!

Silver Fir - for gently clearing and purifying. 

Lavender - for disinfecting, purifying, and promoting relaxation.

Rosemary - for protecting and detoxifying

Frankincense - for uplifiting the spiritual vibration of a space

Lemon - for bringing an energetic brightness to a space

Cypress - for breaking up super stagnant energy and creating "flow"

Keep in mind, a space clearing spray is meant for clearing energy, and not for aromatherapy, so you don't actually need to use much oil in your blend.

I get my essential oils from Living Libations


Flower Essences

Normally I like to choose 2-3 of these. 

Flower essences are vibrational remedies made from flowers. My favorite suppliers are Delta Gardens and Alaskan Essences. 

Protective essences

St. John's Wort - this plant provides amazing protective energies! It also helps to uplift stagnant emotional and mental energies. It helps people return to their bodies.

Yarrow - Yarrow is my favorite flower essence for strengthening the aura. It is also very protective if you are sensitive to energies from electronics and general city living. 

Angelica - invokes the energy of the angels. 

Garlic - repels entities, ghosts, bugs, and parasites

Detoxifying essences

Dandelion - An amazing detoxifier! 

White sage - A very sacred purifier

Aspen - clears negative energies from spaces; great for clearing psychic energies of fear.

Walnut - the spell breaker. Helps to break our links with the past so we can move forward. Helps with energetic cobwebs. 

Lightening essences

Sunflower - Great for clearing gloomy spaces that don't receive much sunlight. 

Of course, there are many more. If a plant is calling to you, use your intuition.

Gem Essences

Choose 2-3 stones.

Gem elixirs are vibrational remedies made from crystals. I like the gem elixirs from Delta Gardens and Alaskan Essences. 

Black Tourmaline - releases and clears energy on all levels. I wouldn't make a space clearing spray without it. Also amazing for helping with electronic energies.

Smoky quartz - promotes detoxification from the mental, physical, and emotional bodies

Kyanite - excellent for gently clearing the energy from a space. I've found it great for mental/emotional energies. This stone does not hold negative energies, so it rarely needs to be cleared.

Amethyst- raises energy from lower to higher frequencies

Sea salt

Choose 1 or make a blend!

I love adding sea salt to my space clearing sprays. Salt is an amazing purifier, and different salts have different energies.

Pink himalayan sea salt carries a love vibration.

Gray sea salt is a bit like smoky quartz, and it is really effective with energies that are super stuck.

White sea salt also does wonders, and is very neutral. You can also experiment with dead sea salts, or other salts you might find!


Recipe: Space Clearing Spray

6 drops palo santo essential oil

4 drops lavender essential oil

2 drops silver fir essential oil

Three drops of St. John's Wort flower essence

Three drops of Yarrow flower essence

Three drops of black tourmaline flower essence

Three drops of smoky quartz flower essence

1/3 cup water

1 tsp pink himalayan sea salt

You'll also need a small jar with a lid and a 4oz spray bottle.

Before you start, cleanse all of your tools with sage smudge or prayers.  From there, I like to call in spirit guides, the spirits of the plants and crystals, or whoever wants to help. I find that St. Germain is really amazing at helping make clearing sprays, so you might work with him.

From there, mix everything in a jar with a lid on top, and shake well to dissolve the salt. At this point, lay your hands over the solution. Imagine the solution is filled first with a vibrant violet flame. (The purple flame is an amazing purifier, and I use the purple flame as my primary mode of energy clearing). 

At this point, you can add prayers and intentions. Use your intuition. This is fun.

When you are finished, bottle everything up and spray it around your environment. I hope you have fun!

Other Energy clearing techniques

  • Sweep the space. Like...with a broom. There's something really great about getting a space super clean. 
  • Clear out the clutter. Clutter carries energy, so this can make a huge energetic difference. I totally love this book. Life changing.
  • Use the violet flame. The violet flame is an energy ray that works well for energy clearing. You can sit in the room and drop into a meditative space. Imagine violet light enveloping the room. You should feel a shift within a few minutes. 

Last Updated: March 8th, 2017