Photo Essay: Healing Garden Tour

I love our garden. We have so many healing plants back there: tulsi, mugwort, yarrow, St. John's wort, comfrey, lady's mantle, oregon grape, sage, parsley, oregano, four different kinds of mint, lemons, borage, california poppy, violets, dandelions, lavender, alpine strawberries, and lots of roses. (Oh, and lots and lots of fairies.) Right now, we're also growing kale, beets, carrots, arugula, and the most delightful little radishes. We're in San Francisco's Mission District, so the weather here is perfect for growing year round!

I was weeding today, and thought you might enjoy seeing some of my green friends. Gardening really helps me see the seasons shift in a tangible way. So many of our plants have either died back completely (echinacea, roses, some of our sage plants) or are about to burst with life. Some plants, like our lemon tree, are practically dripping with life force energy right now. The more time I spend nourishing these plants, the more I'm able to honor our human cycles of growth, death, and rebirth. And while I give them food and water, they nourish my body and spirit even more in return. 

Many green blessings to you today! May the magic of the natural world bless and surround you, and support you on your sacred path.