Rewrite your Rituals

I'm always astounded by some of the wisdom that comes through during sessions with clients. Today during a session Mother Mary came through so powerfully.

She recommended that the woman make her own version of the rosary. Rewrite the prayers in a way that feels good. Use beautiful prayer beads that resonate. Create a story of divine maternal nourishment that really feels good.

Not only do we get the opportunity to rewrite our relationship with the Divine Mother, we get the opportunity to rewrite our relationship with organized religion.

Most people I work with were raised in a certain religious context, but they no longer feel completely resonant with it. They understand that the world is bigger than dogma, and the feminine mother we've been presented with is far more powerful than we might have imagined.

Of course there is something about saying a prayer that is hundreds years old. But saying a prayer to the Divine Mother that you write yourself?

That is the most powerful magic that exists.