6 Brilliant Women on Creativity, Vulnerability, and Magic

I'm on a huge creativity kick these days. Maybe its because I'm pregnant. Maybe its because my clients are (almost) all awesome creatives.

Or maybe its because to be human = to create. 

I've been reading a lot about creativity, vulnerability, and magic recently. And I've been really discovering how being 100% yourself is a fast-track to creative expression. When you try to hide parts of yourself from the world, those parts become obstacles to your creative expression. 

So in the spirit of moving us all forward, here are some brilliant women with much to say about creativity, vulnerability, and magic. 

1. Tara Sophia Mohr: Expect to Be a Revolutionary

I link to this post over and over again for women who are feeling the trials of revolutionary creativity. For many people, they feel as though they are creating things that have already been created. And then there are others who know they are bringing something new to the world. 

This post is for both. 

You will be a revolutionary because any woman who is being authentic in her work will bring forth ideas and ways of working that run counter to the status quo of her company, industry, community – a status quo defined by masculine values and masculine ways of working.
— Tara Sophia Mohr

2. Liz Gilbert: Magic Lessons Podcast

Ok, so you know I'm into her new book Big Magic. But if you've read the book and are looking for more, these podcasts are a great way to get more great content on creativity and magic. 

3. Sarah Durham Wilson: Do It Girl

I follow Sarah Durham Wilson on Facebook and Instagram, and her posts have a (deserved) cult following amongst wild, creative women. I highly recommend following her posts for bursts of inspiration and vulnerability. 

Decide you’re beautiful
& worthy
Right now
and never waste another
of your life
on it.
— Sarah Durham Wilson, DO IT GIRL


4. Ali Schueler: Live Your Dreams

Ali is a brilliant writer and a huge inspiration for me. Her weekly blog posts detail the awakening of the wild feminine in the world and give us all permission to claim our creative birthright. Subscribe to her newsletter for awesome writings. P.S. Check out her Awake Woman Interview here.

5. Mara Glatzel: Ferocious Truth

Like I said earlier: it is hard to create when you are hiding something. I love all of Mara's writing, but this post on truth is especially poignant for creative souls. P.S. Check out her Awake Woman Interview here.


When I live in the bright light of truth, I am free.
— Mara Glatzel

6. Rachael Webb: Coming Out of the Magic Closet

Rachael is a great friend and a brilliant spiritual guide. Her post on coming out of the magic closet has inspired me in so many ways. If you feel your creativity is stuck because you are still "in the closet," take a look at her brilliant blog post for some inspiration.

What have you been reading lately? I'd love to hear from you. 

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