Katie Burke's Creative Goddess Journey

Today, I'm sharing the creative goddess journey of Katie Burke. Katie is an amazing woman - a business owner, entrepreneur, marketing genius, wild woman, wife, and mother. Her mission is honoring and empowering women who create bravely. If you are looking for a business and branding advisor, I highly recommend booking her for the afternoon!

Katie just wrote about our experience working together for three months on her blog. I hope you enjoy her story <3

The Awake Woman
by Katie Burke katieburke.co

I have an incredible network of women who are healers, writers, storytellers, intuitives, astrologers and wise women. But sometimes you need an accountability partner. Someone who shows up with the lantern in the dark, grabs your hand and walks beside you through a transition.  Lizzie became that for me. So now, tucked away in my toolbox of soul council is a glittery magic wand in the form of Lizzie Swartz from awakewoman.com.

When Lizzie and I started working together I didn’t fully understand what flower essences were and how they worked. I knew about stress relief from Dr. Bach, and I have had success with that line, but I didn’t know why or what was really going on there... So I went into our first call not fully knowing or understanding how she was going to offer relief for my ailments. But as we started talking things unfolded so naturally. I quickly eased into knowing Lizzie was being guided by her intuition and offering healing from her wise old soul. She has a gifted relationship with the plants and higher guides that I trusted. I could relax, I felt completely taken care of in the flow of our first call. She is the most natural healer I’ve ever encountered. And I could not wait to see how the next three months would unfold.

After each session she sent practices and rituals to assist the flower essences that were on the way to my home. The first bottle she sent assisted with temporary overwhelm, for coming back into the body, sealing the energy field weakened from times of stress or transition and of course, supporting the feminine. Plus a bottle of blackberry essence for focusing, procrastination, and getting shit done. Both supported me beautifully.

The second session we went deeper. When we got to the bottom of things, and it was all about boundaries. The first call I was very intentional about stating I wanted to get back to work. I missed my sharpness and my ability to focus. I want to be the Queen and the Mother. But for weeks, that was all I was doing. Mothering, and then working, and then mothering and then jumping right back into working. Quite literally, all day and all night. I barely took time to shower, let alone make time for play or leaving the house. I remember Lizzie asking in our Skype session, “What kind of boundaries do you set for yourself?” and I replied with a long blank stare at the screen. She found what she needed in the next batch of flower essences.

Visit her blog for the rest of the journey...

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