We all need space to blossom.

The past few weeks, I decided to give away everything that no longer gave me joy. My bookshelf is SO SPARSE, but I realize how many old dreams I've let rest. All of my books from my PhD in Italian. All of my yoga teacher training manuals. Corporate-y stuff from Google.

Gone, gone, gone.

I also gave away my guitar from high school. I was looking to give it to a good home, and I gave it to my neighbor who is in 7th grade. Yesterday, he told me he started taking guitar lessons! We also talked how Taylor Swift plays guitar, and how much wants to learn her music.

"Guitar is more fun than the clarinet," he said. 

 I was so happy I finally decided to part with the instrument, because now the guitar gives him joy. The instrument allows him to dream, and think about the person he could become.

Which brings me back to manifesting. All of us want more of something...money, love, health, and the list goes on. But in order to bring in the new, we must adequately part with the old things that no longer reflect who we've become. 

Sometimes these aren't just energy patterns. Sometimes they are. just. things. 

The new moon energies are great for manifesting, but especially if we've opened up space in our lives to welcome new beginnings.

We all need space to blossom.

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