Spring is around the corner...

Here's the reading for this week! Plus some practical tips, and a new mp3 for your download pleasure :-)

The past few weeks have been pretty grueling for folks. Lots of clearing, lots of changes, lots of releasing. Um, did you feel the full moon? She was so intense! And so beautiful!

These energies are really cracking us all open, and it might feel difficult to continue living in outdated ways of being. The more we share our authentic true self, the more we attract people and situations that reflect who we really are. Have courage to release all that no longer serves you. You are loved and supported in your process.

This week's message is one of hope. All the hard work is not for naught, and as we keep clearing and releasing, we will begin to see changes that reflect the past few weeks (or years...) of work. Of course we all know this, but sometimes we just need a reminder.

Spring is not far away.

The placement of the cards indicates we might not see the golden beams of success right yet, but as we continue unfolding, we'll eventually experience the success - inner and outer - that we desire. So have hope, and know you are being held in the most loving arms of the divine feminine. 

Practical Guidance!

Here's some practical guidance for integrating this week's energies:

  • Consider keeping some fresh flowers around!
  • Experiment with light, floral essential oils like rose, neroli, lavender, or rose geranium. 
  • If you are struggling with self expression, particularly expressing your spiritual self, purple monkeyflower presents herself as a perfect ally for trusting one's inner guidance, and moving forward without fear of judgement from others.
  • Need some blossoming kick-start energy? Here's a track I channeled this evening. It really revvs up our heart center and helps us act from a place of hope and inspiration! 

It might seem strange to work with flowers as the days are dark and cold, but thinking about them reminds me that even in the darkness of winter, spring is not far around the corner.