Herbs for Hair Growth!

Why hello! How good to see you!

I've had a lot of people asking me about hair growth recently. Whether they are losing their hair or just had a bad haircut, the good news is there are many herbal allies out there.

They want to help!


Suggestion 1: Essential Oils

A few months ago I found an awesome study on essential oils for hair growth.

The researchers used a combination of 2 drops thyme oil, 3 drops lavender, 3 drops rosemary oil, and 2 dropscedarwood in 3 mL of jojoba and 20 mL of grapeseed oils. The subjects massaged the oils into their scalp every night for a minimum of 2 minutes, and wrapped a warm towel around the head to aid absorption of the oils. The patients were advised to use this technique every night. 

After 7 months, the group that used the oils had significant increases in hair growth! I've been testing it out, and my hair grew at unprecedented rates.

In Chinese medicine, hair is associated with blood. In a simplistic sense, if you have lost your hair, there would be a "blood deficiency". It makes sense that increasing circulation in the scalp with oils, massage, and warm towels would promote hair growth. Acupuncture can also help to tonify blood.

Suggestion 2: Nettle + Birch Hair Rinse

I like to make a tea out of nettles and birch leaves, and I rinse my hair with this twice a week. 

Suggestion 3: Horsetail

Horsetail is also recommended by Matthew Wood in the Earthwise Herbal, but I have yet to try this. He recommends either the extract or tea.

Not suggested:

Some people also swear by biotin supplements, but I found it made my hair grow everywhere, ahem. Not ideal. 

Speaking of aromatherapy and essential oils, when we were in Provence we spent some time harvesting lavender and making essential oil at the AromaPlants Distillery in Sault. It was really amazing to spend some time in the fields (there are so many bees!!!) and get to know these plants first hand. 

Even when you look at them, don't they seem bushy and full, like you would want your hair?



Dumping it all into the still...

Ready to be compressed and steamed


The steam processing begins


The finished oil comes out! Voila!

If you are in the Provence area, I would highly recommend their tours, and it's fun learning about the different kinds of lavender and where they grow.

Finally, you are looking for a hair growth tonic, our store Wild Light Apothecary has some in stock!

Wishing you the luscious locks you desire :-)