Favorites. 12.16.14.

Hello there! I hope you are doing so well!

I'm sitting in the Potrero Hill Public Library in San Francisco, thinking about all the amazing things I'm grateful for this week, this view included! We've been receiving a ton of rain, and while I'm SO GRATEFUL for the rain, it is nice to have some sunshine. 

Here are some of my favorite finds from the past few weeks, from herbal medicine, to bath salts, teapots, and great writing. There are so many amazing makers and writers in this world!

Here we go...

1. This roasted delicata squash recipe.  So good for spleen qi! Students and people who think a lot tend to be spleen qi deficient, myself included. Eating orange and yellow foods has been helping me a lot, and delicata squash is easier to prepare than butternut.

2. This Goddess Oracle card deck. I love that it not only includes the history of the goddess and an interpretation of the card, but also an exercise to connect more deeply with the card's wisdom.

3. 1849 Medicine Garden in San Francisco. Bonnie is an amazing herbalist, and she's starting an herbal CSA! Yay for local medicine!

4. This article on Santa and Shamanism. Yes!!!

5. This post by the brilliant and talented Grace Oedel on raising and eating animals. Grace is a great friend from college, and her writing is really beautiful. 

6. I've started Wild Light Apothecary with my friend Emily!!! We have some beautiful ritual baths for sale on Etsy. They make great gifts!

7. Everything that Ali Schueler writes inspires me to open my mind and think more deeply about what being a woman really means. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

8. The Afterlight app for editing photos. It has seriously made using Instagram so much more fun (and addicting ;-) )

9. Ascension Notes. Kara's writing is amazing, so clear, and so helpful for the energetically sensitive. 

10. This teapot from Heath Ceramics is stunningly beautiful, and elevates the simple act of tea into pure ritual.

11. Holy Sponge! Their cramp balm is amazing, and their menstrual kits have changed. my. life. 

12. Dori Midnight's custom flower essence blends. Wowzers. I'm totally in love with the blend she made for me, and it is helping me on multiple levels.

I think that should suffice for now! 

I'm sending you all the best wishes as we prepare for the Solstice and New Year.

So much love + sparkles,