Winter is the realm of the feminine


Hello all,

This week we have a very special message from Mary Magdelene, Isis, and the Pegasians. 

The message is this: 

This is the time of year when we encounter the most feminine of the feminine times. The darkest of days allows us to be most inward. The darkest of the days allows us to see our inner candlelight most clearly.

Winter is the season of reincarnation through the power and love of the divine feminine. We are here to help you re-birth yourself into the new year. 

In fact, every moment of the year, we can choose to be reborn through the power of the divine feminine. All it takes is the choice to release and move into more joyous patterns of being. 

As the solstice draws near, take a few special moments to connect with your feminine. Reflect on the beauty of the year past. 

Wrap yourself in the blanket of the Divine Mother. Wrap yourself in the love so ever present in the most feminine of the feminine time of year. 

And when the moment is right, choose to release into the depths of the earth, where she will transmute and transform all that no longer serves you. Again, you can choose to let go any moment of the year, but we are here during the darkest of days to help you release with the assistance of these energies.

Within nature, everything is within perfect balance and harmony.

These dark days are full of hope. They are full of light. They are full of wisdom. Open to these gifts now. Unfold with grace into new patterns of joyous living.


Wishing you the kindest of journeys

into the depths of your heart space

this joyous time of year.


-Mary, Isis, and the Pegasians


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Much love to you on your journey!