Diana: Your heart has the depth of a bottomless ocean.

Today's weekly message is a channeling from Diana, goddess of the moon. Not only did she give a written message, but she also had me record an audio meditation (voice and piano!) to attune you more deeply to your soul's purpose. If you'll remember, I pulled her in last week's spread. She is still here, focused on you and your growth and development!

This all came through in the past hour, so you'll have to forgive any bad audio quality. The energy is there, and I'm so excited to share it with you. My hands are vibrating as we speak!

Sending you all my love. 

From Diana, Goddess of the Moon


I’ve been here with you, helping you to focus on your mission in the world. It is not work, it is simply how you show up every morning, and how you extend your heart to another being.

How do you extend your heart with kindness?

How do your hands manifest the kindness in the world?

I am here to remind you to stay focused on your heart, your pillar of power and of strength. Your power does not lie in books, it does not lie in money, it does not lie in the illusions of the fragmented mind. It lies within the cavernous recesses of your abundant heart-love, your magnificent ability to incarnate your soul on the planet for the good of humankind. 

I am here to give you a bow and arrow. To teach you shoot straight at your target. Your target is your life’s work, your mission. I am here to remind you that your mission is to be of service. You know how to do this. Show up, everyday, heart open, looking to the sun. Show up every evening, heart open, thanking the moon. 

When you are feeling lost in your focus, when you are feeling as though the earth is not adequately supporting the transference of your soul energy onto the planet, I am here to help gently guide you back to your target. I am here to remind you of your service. I am here to help you review all of the events in your life, and take inventory of what is and is not serving you. I am here to align you with the cycles of the moon, and turn you back to your heart. 

Look in your mirror every morning. But make sure the mirror is your heart. 

Sending you all my blessings, with an arrow of rainbows and love aiming straight at your buoyant, brilliant, eternal heart-source.