Where does your heart aim?

I'm in love with this new Sagittarius moon. I have a bazillion ideas right now - art I want to create, products I want to develop, skills I want to master. But as I sit in the darkness of the moon, the arrows of my heart aim differently. Aim simply.

Towards freedom.
Towards love.
Towards creativity.

She doesn't care about blog posts. She doesn't care about my projects. She doesn't know about Pinterest and the awesome pallet planter I want to constructShe just wants freedom, love, and creativity.


Take a moment to listen to your heart. If she were an archer, where would she aim? What target would she choose? How many arrows would she shoot?

When you listen to the archer of your heart, her targets are simpler than you'd imagine.

This week, Diana reminds us to remain focused on our intentions. She helps us reign in our passion and sit in it so our desires materialize. And she makes sure the arrows we aim hit our targets. Lust/Strength reminds us to embody full creative power. And through this powerful creative focus, we'll become what we seek.

So, the next week, I’ll be pointing my arrows towards freedom. Pointing them towards creativity. Pointing them towards love. And I'll be grateful that Diana, archer goddess of the Moon, is helping all of us aim true.