What is your future self grateful for?

When the leaves turn, I turn to the year past. What has transpired that inspires gratitude in my heart? What people have supported me? What has surprised me? Where have I released old patterns and moved into the new?

Family. A wedding. School. A business. 

Love. Health. Abundance. Joy. 

But sometimes, when practiced frequently enough, gratitude can start to feel…stale. When I’m feeling grateful, I’m hardly ever focused on the present moment. Everything I’m grateful for seems to be part of the past, a series of events unfolding into the future, but markedly done. Finished.

So I asked my future self, my wisdom self: What are you grateful for?

She has the wisdom I’m looking for. She has seen the present moment with open eyes. She understands my challenges. She has moved through them with wisdom and grace. 

She answered.

She told me she was grateful for her family. The blood line passed down from generation to generation, bearing the fruit of wisdom’s family tree. The effort I had made to clear patterns no longer serving our ancestors and the planet. The courage and bravery to approach each situation with fresh eyes.

She was grateful for every minute I focused on my breath. For every moment focused on my health, preparing my body for the long road ahead. 

For the moments when I sat down to rest. 

For the moments when I sat down to write. 

For the moments when I shoved my ego out the door, and opened to the brilliant possibilities awakening in my soul.

She was grateful for my ability to connect with nature. My persistence to build a garden in a bustling city. The way that gardening became a metaphor for my entire life. 

She was grateful for every moment spent building the soil for the years to come.

This year, I am grateful for her. I’m grateful for my wise, warrior woman self who has gone into the future with a bold heart and ready hands. I’m grateful for her ability to speak back in time to me, and offer the wisdom of a path walked with patience and love.

I’m grateful for my own ancestors, and the way they continue passing wisdom through the ages. Most of all, I’m grateful for the divine feminine, and how she wildly spins magic through every breath of our lives.

It is your turn.

What does your wise, warrior woman self have to say to you? 

What has she seen that she is grateful for? 

How might she guide your footsteps to the golden future? 

What would she like you to cultivate in your life? What weeds should you pull? What seeds should you sow?

You have her wisdom at your fingertips. You only need to ask, and she comes running, wild wisdom blazing in the winds of time, offering her heart to yours. 

She is grateful for you. Brilliant you, in this moment. 

Just. as. you. are.