Favorite things ... 11.20.2014

Hi there! I spent the last weekend in Mount Shasta, and man did I feel the shift in seasons. It is so beautiful to feel the world spin into fall and even faster into winter.

I've been spending more time indoors, and I've found many wonderful things on the world wide web. I thought I'd share the ideas keeping me warm, in no particular order...

Emergent Chakras

I've been working with these new energy centers, particularly the Earth Star and Thymus (high heart) chakras. I really love this write up, and have found it incredibly useful. Thanks Ray Dawn for the tip!

Holy Basil Apple Shrub

We still have a ton of holy basil in our yard, and this recipe from The Great Kosmic Kitchen has been incredible!

Portland Apothecary

These folks make some great herbal magic. I'm currently loving their Damiana Rose elixir!

Paleo Bread

This is the best recipe for grain-free bread that I have found yet! I've made it a bazillion times and it works well for us grain-free folk.

Raw Cacao Elixir

I made this recipe from Nabalo this morning, and WOW! it blew my mind. So, so delicious. 


Gluten Free Pasta Recipe

We made this recipe the other night, and it was delicious. I'm excited to get fresh pasta back into my life, at least occasionally. Gluten Free Girl's website is a great resource for the gluten-free gourmand.

Bear Wallow Herbs

Kara's tinctures are some of the best I have found. Seriously beautiful.

So there we go! I hope you are having a beautiful week!