What are you ready to release?

Wow! Check her out. The Princess of Wands is so fierce. Do you see her there, literally grabbing that tiger by the tail? That is what this week is about: looking at our fears head on, and releasing them with compassion and ease.

Our fears are known. If you are scared to share your writing, you know what it feels like to keep your manuscripts in the closet. Bringing those words to light, disempowering your Inner Critic, and sharing your work with the world? That is completely unknown. 

What would your world look like if you did release the patterns you'd like to release? How would your world change? The unknown can become known in an instant.  

You don’t have to do this all alone. Kuan Yin teaches how to release judgements about our process, and to view our situation with compassion and love. Whenever I’m releasing something major, I always find myself in judgement mode. Why am I still attached to this? Will I ever let this go? Kuan Yin tells us to bring that Inner Critic in our homes, sit her down for herbal tea, and have a quick chat. “I’m grateful for your service, and I hear your concerns. That said, I am choosing a different path.” 

This is not easy to do, and Raphael teaches us to breathe through the discomfort. Of course, meditation is a great, but there are other ways too. I love taking a detoxifying salt bath to clear old energetic patterning. Aromatherapy is also fabulous. (Try lavender and peppermint essential oils). You could also consider spending time by the ocean, doing yoga, getting acupuncture or a massage, playing with an animal, or journaling. Do whatever you need to do to move through the discomfort without just avoiding the pain :-)

Working with our fears can be challenging, but the more we break through the patterns that keep us stuck, the more we open to the possibility of a sparkly future. I think we are all ready to see what that glittering future holds. 

Remember, dear friend. You did not come here to play small. 

Much love to you this week!