What is your spiritual security blanket?

Recently, I removed a ring from my finger that I've been wearing for the past four years. I bought the ring, an antique from 1800s Naples, because I started dreaming vividly about it. I had a feeling the ring was going to play an important part in my path. It is pretty magical - an old blue sapphire with intricate gold and silver.

As abruptly as the ring came into my life, I felt I no longer needed it. Last week, I took it off for the first time in years. I still have a tan line underneath, but it feels good to be free.

When you wear something for that long, you get used to it in your life, so last night I tried putting it on again. This time, I felt a burn around my finger.

Yep, it is time to let it go. Place it in the drawer with my other beloved, pretty things.

This weekend, I took a magical trip to Mt. Shasta with some of my best girl friends. Shasta is a place with amazing crystals and spiritual tools. I was tempted to buy another piece of jewelry, but I didn't. 

This morning during meditation, I asked my divine self if she had something to share with me.

She said:

The only thing you need is an open heart. 

Enough said. We can get wrapped into spiritual tools, the things that give us comfort. Sage, incense, jewelry, mantras, patterns that act like spiritual security blankets. 

But underneath them all, I believe there is freedom.

So I'll pose a few questions:

  • What items are keeping you stuck in your current modes of thinking?
  • Where can you find ways to live with a more open heart?
  • What habits can you release so you can become more of yourself? 

I'm going to keep asking myself where I can let go. What am I attached to that I can release? There's always more work to do here.

Sending you so much love.