Initiation is Beautiful. Polar Bear Medicine for the week.

This week's card reading is a little different. I've been working with spirit animals recently, and the Polar Bear requested to share a special message for this week. The above text comes from Ted Andrews's Animal-Speak Pocket Guide. I highly recommend it!

Here we go!


I am here to remind you of your power to wander through the wilderness and find peace. Even when the world seems snow-covered and bleak, we give you strength to trod ten more miles for the food and medicine you need.

We appear during rights of initiation, and we understand how these rites of initiation can be challenging. 

What new ways of being have you embraced with loving, open arms? What portals have opened for you in the past few weeks? Where are you finding the integration of these new patterns challenging?


Initiation is the bridegroom of transformation. They appear hand in hand. When you open to new ways of being, you become initiated into a new universe. You transform.

The universe we present to you today is one of wonder, love, and connection to your Divine Self. We also present you the universe where you have the tools and strength you need to persevere through difficult times, trust your instincts, and know that you do not have to worry.

Open your heart to the seed of transformation. This specific medicine will soothe and nurture your path as you integrate any changes you have been making in your life. 

You can call upon our wisdom whenever you feel alone, are making transitions, or are establishing new ways of being. We will help you find the light in the wilderness, and teach you the magic, power, and peace of your inner landscape.

You have everything you need to thrive in an ever changing world. You do not have to worry. 

I hope you find her message useful for this week!

In other news, we are almost ready to open our doors. Keep your eyes and ears open for an announcement this week!

Much love,