Trust your intuition, but tether your camel.

Last August, I was supposed to go to Kona for a workshop. A hurricane was forecast for that weekend, and so the workshop was cancelled last minute and rescheduled for mid-October.

This week, another hurricane was scheduled to hit Kona during the now-rescheduled workshop. My intuition was pretty clear in August that I was not supposed to go. This time, I kept seeing open doors.

Should I go to Kona this weekend? Open door.
Should I get on my plane? Open door.

Should I reschedule my flight? Closed door.
Should I stay home this weekend? Closed door.

So I got on the plane. It looked like the forecast wasn't as extreme as the last storm, so I felt comfortable enough taking the chance. After all, trust your intuition, but tether your camel.

I'm so glad I got on the plane. The workshop has been amazing, and I've had such a beautiful weekend so far. I saw the volcano glowing at night. I went snorkeling and swam with a wild mama and baby dolphin. The hurricane did not hit Kona, and we've received soul-soothing rain showers. 

Solo traveling for me is always a numinous delight where I feel deeply connected to the divine within. I learn the geography of my heart and navigate the map without a compass. I put my soul in charge, and listen to where she wants to go.

So here's to following your intuition. Here's to flying into the eye of the storm. And lest you think I'm an irresponsible wild woman, here's to tethering your camel.