Let us see your light.

The past couple weeks, I've seen a lot of people are go through rough internal transformations. Illness, broken bones, relationship conflict, career discontent, and depression (to name a few). 

Hang in there! You are supported! You are loved!

That said, there is a very positive aspect to these energies. With every shadow, there is light. Shift your gaze, and you can see the sun shining down.

These energies are potent activators. Potent, potent, delicious activators to bring you into greater alignment with your soul and purpose for being here. I've been working with them (holding them in my heart, allowing them to move through me), and I've seen some beautiful shifts in my life related to abundance, creative expression, and work.

The messages I've been receiving are similar to what I shared a few days ago. Plant your seeds. Tune into what it is you truly desire. Not the form of what you desire, but what you really want to FEEL everyday when you wake up in the morning.

Plant that feeling into your heart. Let it blossom. Root deep into the earth. You are safe, you are provided for, and you have the potential to live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

I really want you to live the life that you were born to live. 

It breaks my heart to see people toiling away in situations that aren't serving them. We don't have to live this way. We don't have to suffer under the structures we have inherited. We can break through the chains containing our spirits, and move on to experience the abundance and joy that we all deserve. You have permission to live the life of your dreams.

You are a shining star. Take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself and others. 

Most of all, let us see your light.