The Divine Feminine Body Politic

We are moving to a new house for six months, and tonight I found the proposal I wrote for my senior thesis.
My paper was a deep dive into artistic renditions of Mother Mary during Fascist Italy. My thesis was that the body politic is often represented by the female form, and we can look to representations of the female body as ways to examine the political ideology of the time. 
Through the 1920s and 1930s in a small town in Tuscany, the depictions of Mary moved from docile virgins to angular statues, and gradually through the early 1940s she became almost a footnote in the paintings as pictures of Mussolini and horses and maps of Ethiopia took the forefront.
Looking back at this paper tonight, something became very clear.
Women's bodies are intimately tied into politics.
Women's bodies ARE the body politic. 
That's why we talk about Lady Liberty. America the Beautiful. 
And so as women, we feel the political discourse in our bodies.
That might be why our bodies feel tense right now, or digestion might be off, or we get more bladder infections, or we feel anxiety.
Our bodies know what's going on.
That's also why our bodies are so political and why white men keep trying to control them. 
Instinctively, they know where the power lies.
It lies in the female body.
So what do we do?
We respect our bodies like the life-giving temples they are. 
We adorn ourselves in whatever way makes us feel invincible.
We strength train, lift weights, exercise.
(The day of the inauguration, I flexed my biceps in the mirror and knew I was ready for this).
We eat well, and rest as much as possible.
So if you want to sustain yourself in the revolution, treat your body like a temple.
If you want to catalyze the revolution, love your body.
Listen to her whispers. 
Know that your body love isn't just for you.
It is for the health of this nation.
The health of this earth.
The health of us all.
I'll be right there with you, nourishing my body. One day at a time.
With love,
Lizzie Rae Rose

Exercise for Spiritual Channels

I never worked out. I never, ever went to a gym.
When a coach suggested working out would help my channeling practice, I had a "No way" reaction.
I felt like the last thing I needed to do was expend more energy and more time...especially on something that felt so selfish.
For the past three months, I've been working out consistently. It's part of my "chop wood, carry water" spiritual practice.
I've found ways to make it work for me.
When I go to the gym, I choose my locker number based on numerology.
I recite mantras while lifting weights.
I wear clothes that match my energetic signature.
I bless the water of the swimming pool as I swim.
I listen to my inner guidance and Faerie Queen guides to tell me how many more laps to swim or repetitions to do.
I've gotten stronger.
My channeling has gotten better.
I have a lot more energy.
Lifting my son is a breeze.
And in this current political landscape, it is nice to have something I do for me. Not for my clients, not for my family, but simply because it feels good and helps me feel healthy and strong. Moving me body helps move the energy through me. And as I wrote a few days ago, our bodies are intensely attuned to the political climate.
If you told me last year that this year I would be working out consistently, I would have laughed at you. Being a mom can be so, so draining.
But I'm glad I've gotten into this practice.
I'm glad to have something I do just for me.
I'm glad my higher self has a happy, healthy body to inhabit even more and even more.
Our human bodies are stargates for consciousness, and it is wise to love them and nourish them well.
Plus, the mermaids at the local pool are fun to hang with 😉 
It feels kind of vulnerable to share this part of my life with you, as exercising has really been an edge for me. Until a few months ago, I associated exercise with people who wanted to lose weight or somehow despised their bodies, and I wanted to love my body just as she was. But if you've been wondering if exercise might help your spiritual journey, this is me encouraging you to explore what works for you. I love you so and bless your journey of embodiment. 

She chose you.

Your higher self chose your body,
as her ordained vehicle for
experiencing the world of form. 

Did you hear that?
She chose your body. 

Your eyes.
Your nose.
Your hips.
Your thighs.
Your heart.
Your liver.

All of it was chosen by your soul.

When you look in the mirror again,
how does your relationship with your body change
when you remember that the divinity within you
chose your face?
Chose your hair color
and your eye color
and the space between your ribs?

Is there space for more forgiveness,
space for more love,
and space for more pleasure?

She chose you. 

Those hands holding this message.
Those lungs receiving air as you're breathing.
That big, beautiful human brain.

She chose it all. 

Because she’s a beautiful creator.

Just like you.

She chose you.

Embodying your Power

There are so many ways we evade our divine feminine power. 

We call ourselves intuitive instead of psychic. 
We call ourselves coaches instead of healers. 
We call ourselves writers instead of oracles.
We say “we’re just one person,” when in fact each one of us contains multitudes. 

Each one of us has the power to command MIRACLES. 

I’ll say it again:

Calling yourself intuitive instead of psychic
is a way to step away from your power. 

So today I invite you, in the humblest of ways, to watch where you’re stepping away from your power. 

No matter what your special gift is, find the strongest words to describe your skills. Whether you’re a healer, psychic, oracle, mother, revolutionary, or more.

The words you choose to describe yourself
are the containers for the miracles you are able to create. 

I invite you to truly own all of your special gifts. 

It is safest to use your power consciously. 

It is safest to fully own your power.

It is safest to live within your body. 

It is safest to love yourself. 

When we’re stepping away from our power, we’re stepping away from our higher self. 

As we embody our power, we embody our higher self. 

And I invite our higher selves to intervene when we’re stepping away from our power into past conditionings. 

To nudge us back into our center. 

To support us as the old beliefs fall away, and we step fully into the light of our soul presence. 

To remind us how beautiful we are, just as we are right now. 

To help us choose the right words to describe our gifts.

And to show us all of the blessings that come forth when we embody courage, vulnerability, and trust. 

You are being called to step into greater relationship with your higher self and your body. 

And if you answer the call, you are supported with millions of angels who are here to support your blossoming. 

We love you and bless you today. 

With magick blessings,
-Lizzie and the Faerie Queens

How to Make Your Own Deodorant (with Flower Essences!)

I've been keeping this recipe secret for a few months now, deciding whether to start my own deodorant empire, or to share this secret so you can enjoy making it, too ;-) 

It all started a few months ago when I had a baby. 

It turns out you sweat A LOT postpartum, and my regular hippie deodorant wasn't working well. I found Soapwalla, which is a great deodorant, but I really didn't enjoy the citrus smell. And I thought I could make my own. 

After a lot of trial and error, I've finally created a recipe I love. And the addition of flower essences makes this so much more than deodorant. Deodorant can be a super personal thing, but hopefully this works for you too!

The Heart Meridian Starts in the Armpit

You see, the beginning of the heart meridian is right in your armpit. Pioneers like Deborah Craydon have already shown that you can apply flower essences topically on acupuncture sites for great results. So why not start the day off with some heart healing floral deodorant?

The secret to this recipe is to add flower essences that enter the heart meridian. While I've been using this formula, I've found myself a slightly more loving, caring, less jealous person. Oh, and less stinky, too! :-)

There's lots of different flower essences you can use for the heart. Some of my favorites are as follows:

Borage - For courage and upliftment

Bleeding Heart - for healing a broken heart (great after a break-up or a loss)

Holly - for alleviating any feelings of jealousy; one of the great heart healers

Rose Quartz Gem Essence - acts on the etheric heart

Ruby Gem Essence- acts on the etheric heart

I've also enjoyed using Bush Iris Flower Essence, which has an affinity for the lymphatic system. 

And for more information about flower essences, check out our free Guide to Vibrational Healing. 

A note on this deodorant

This is a deodorant creme, which means you'll take a little glob and smear it on your pits. It's not a stick deodorant, or a powder deodorant, or a spray deodorant. 

Also, if you're sensitive to baking soda, I would avoid using this. 

A note on essential oils

All of the essential oils in this recipe play a role in combatting body odor, particularly the sandalwood, patchouli, and lavender. They aren't just for a nice scent! Keep this in mind before you make any substitutions.

Where to find the ingredients

I live in San Francisco, so I pick up my supplies at Scarlet Sage and Rainbow Grocery. But you can also get these supplies at Mountain Rose Herbs

For the flower/gem essences, I source my flower and gem essences from Delta Gardens. Holly and Bleeding Heart are available through the Flower Essence Society

I purchased my essential oils for this recipe from Living Libations


  • 2 tablespoons baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons Kaolin Clay
  • 2 oz cocoa butter
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1.5 tsp beeswax (increase to 2 if you want a more solid deodorant than a creme)
  • 2 tablespoons glycerine
  • 1 tablespoon rosehip oil
  • 20 drops sandalwood
  • 10 drops patchouli
  • 10 drops lavender
  • 10 drops rose geranium oil
  • 6 drops holly flower essence
  • 6 drops borage flower essence
  • 4 oz storage vessel

Sift together clay and baking soda. Set aside.
Melt together the coconut oil, cocoa butter, and beeswax. Add rosehip oil and mix well. Let cool slightly.
Add glycerine to the oil mixture and stir well.
Add the sifted clay and baking soda to the oil mixture and mix well.
Add essential oils and flower essences and stir well. 

Pour into your storage vessel, and let cool thoroughly. It might take a day to fully solidify.
Then use a little glob as your fancy faerie queen deodorant! A little goes a long way.


If you try it, let me know what you think!

Photo from the Deadman "A Manual of Acupuncture" point cards. This is the beginning of the heart meridian!

Photo from the Deadman "A Manual of Acupuncture" point cards. This is the beginning of the heart meridian!